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  1. Using a pellet gun (I'm within city limits). I'd love to use a 22 but fear Johnny law
  2. Aside from an expensive exterminator, what should I do. I've picked off three young ones so far. Momma is still out there protecting only two more, I hope.
  3. Prayers sent. I wish you success. I don't know you personally, but we have crossed paths in life. I think you're an incredibly strong individual, and I know that if you put effort into this treatment then you'll find a return in it for you! Best of luck man!
  4. Where you were, given the time of year, that wouldn't be uncommon. That's within the Mississippi flyway and the bird would have been traveling back to Canada for spring breeding grounds. On occasion, I'll see them in Lawrenceburg, IN area.
  5. I think Cal is still having fun with the college atmosphere. He's made it to the top of his profession and he's in the perfect spot. I'm not saying that I think Cal will stick around for forever, but I could easily see him staying around for the next five to eight years. The only scenario I could see him leaving for in the near future would be the Lakers job and that's only if their current coach can't carry the Lakers to success. If Cal still has 5 years in the tank at Kentucky he'll have teams that will still compete year in year out as long as the NBA maintains their status quo with the one and done rule.
  6. Nick and Tom's Restaurant 5774 Bridgetown Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45248 Very good dinner selection. Brussel sprouts recipe is delicious. Definitely worth checking out if you are on that side of town.
  7. Open Range. Scene where Kevin Costner and Robert Duvall walk into the bar and attempt to order two whiskeys. "Now he asked twice, I'm only going to ask once." Same movie. The scene where the sheriff and the free grazers are in the diner and Costner and Duvall get up to walk out. Marshall: "I'll be having words with you two." Boss: "And we'll be having more than that with you!"
  8. Ha. I work with a guy who says he's a "trusty shellback" which basically means he's crossed there equator multiple times. He said he tried to talk his captain into crossing the equator at the prime meridian which would have made him a "royal emerald shellback" but the captain just laughed him off.
  9. I shouldn't have said direct descendant. Should have said "share relations".
  10. I've had family members who have served in the Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Mexican-American War, Civil War, World War II, & Vietnam War. We also share relation to a member of the Lewis & Clark expedition. I am a direct descendant of George Rogers Clark.
  11. @Jim Schue and I had an excellent conversation about our family's military past. In this thread I'd like for our members to share their family lineage through their military service.
  12. Starting a new thread to discuss this topic. Please, give @Jim Schue information on Tulsa, Oklahoma here.
  13. I've never understood this in a high school environment.
  14. My father was in country '68 to '69 as well. He served in the Air Force in recon assignments out of De Nagn. All that I ever get out of him is that he would go out into the jungle to setup radio intercept stations along side with small combat units. He'll tell me that he lost a lot of good friends there. So i have no doubt he saw his fair share of the fight. I also have a great uncle Johnny who served under General Patton as a tank driver. Uncle Johnny personally met and had a conversation with General Eisenhower, the details of which I don't know. He was in Italy and later the Battle of the Bulge. My grandfather was in the Navy and drove the Higgins boats at the landings in Africa and Italy. He was home at the end of 1944. My great uncle James fought in the battle of Normandy as a medic. He was wounded in the neck from a gunshot and later came home thereafter. Thanks for sharing!!!
  15. Don't know what there is to do there but I like that you're taking your dad out there for that. Can you tell us anything about his service for the country? My father, just last year, attended a reunion that he hadn't been to since he had his release papers.
  16. Oh, yeah. Baywatch Carmen Electra before SJP at any time frame.
  17. Barry Larkin Big O Chris Carter (Middletown) Munoz Roger Staubach
  18. Ribs and corn on the cob currently smoking on the charcoal grill.
  19. A little baseball drills with the boys this morning. Moving stuff over to a storage unit. Smoking up 2 slabs of ribs, corn on the cob, and baking some potatoes. Might have a beer or 5 later
  20. Dang, this family must have really crossed paths with some really bad people. If I were a Rhoden of the remotest relations to any involved I'd be packing heat everywhere I went.
  21. I'm currently dealing with a squirrel or raccoon problem. Bird feeder is right off of the fence line and they'd have easy access to it. It'll only be a problem for another week or so as we're moving out of the house. But I wanted to see what others do to keep the smaller rodents from being a problem with the bird feeder.
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