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  1. The stupid freaking Snow Leopard commercial. Thinking about hunting the last couple of them so I no longer will have to watch that commercial
  2. Normally that from Smoking Pig brisket is spot on. That with some Carolina Mustard sauce is a grand slam.
  3. Just drank about a 1/4 of a bottle of Blood Oath. Very good. More spice, more oak than 1792. 1792 is the bourbon that is my measuring stick. Above it good - below then ehh. I'd still have to rate Michters higher - Blood Oath will take a solid number 2.
  4. Your a great resource @nWo
  5. Licorice - absolutely hate it Anything with coconut But I did eat a small fish right out of the pond one time - twas on a lost bet - who knew that Areosmith sang "Dream On". I certainly didn't, I went with Led Zeppelin.
  6. Used to love ac/dc. Now they just make my ears hurt.
  7. Seen on the ten day that we have a weather system moving in. Just wanted to see if it was going to be bringing some severe weather this way. Looking forward to hearing from @nWo on this one.
  8. My facial hair is at the longest it has ever been - which is not long - maybe an inch. Told the engineers that I'd measure the amount of time that it would take for them to make up their minds on how they want to design a job by my facial hair length. Needless to say - i now look like a red headed rat
  9. The only thing i miss about the show is the Time Bandit.
  10. Same dang thing just about every year but man - I love this show. Not sure what it is that continually brings me back. It sure ain't the crabs....
  11. It's hard to feel sorry for him at this point. Some people are their own worst enemy. Zeke needs to figure himself out.
  12. Sonic Burger King Arbys LJS McDonald's List changes at any given moment
  13. Say @swamprat - that Bower Hill is a smidge expensive. Is it worth the extra penny?
  14. Have any of you guys gave Michters a try yet? If not - make it your next purchase. Best $45 bottle around
  15. We live in Southwood Subdivision off of Constable. We will probably be listing it for $265,000. It'll go on the market some time in early May.
  16. Just ate some Eli's BBQ. I had the hotdogs with slaw and sauce on top. Normally that's pretty good but I guess I wasn't feeling them today. They did have some Otis Redding playing on the record player and that more than made up for the letdown on the dogs. Maybe next time I'll go back to the smoked turkey.
  17. Pretty sure they teach that in driving school in Ohio.
  18. I'm going with no as well. The thought of putting my life out there for others to see who aren't in my inner circle is not something that I'd ever want. BGP is the closest thing to social media that i have. I went through a short stint with Facebook. Life is absolutely better without it.
  19. Those are pretty good. Been on a pretty good run with Michters. I can't find a bourbon that can compete with its flavor.
  20. Yeah - we may be heading further south. Grants Lick or California. There is a lot of good property of Peach Grove Rd.
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