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  1. It's hard to feel sorry for him at this point. Some people are their own worst enemy. Zeke needs to figure himself out.
  2. Sonic Burger King Arbys LJS McDonald's List changes at any given moment
  3. Say @swamprat - that Bower Hill is a smidge expensive. Is it worth the extra penny?
  4. Have any of you guys gave Michters a try yet? If not - make it your next purchase. Best $45 bottle around
  5. We live in Southwood Subdivision off of Constable. We will probably be listing it for $265,000. It'll go on the market some time in early May.
  6. Just ate some Eli's BBQ. I had the hotdogs with slaw and sauce on top. Normally that's pretty good but I guess I wasn't feeling them today. They did have some Otis Redding playing on the record player and that more than made up for the letdown on the dogs. Maybe next time I'll go back to the smoked turkey.
  7. Pretty sure they teach that in driving school in Ohio.
  8. I'm going with no as well. The thought of putting my life out there for others to see who aren't in my inner circle is not something that I'd ever want. BGP is the closest thing to social media that i have. I went through a short stint with Facebook. Life is absolutely better without it.
  9. Those are pretty good. Been on a pretty good run with Michters. I can't find a bourbon that can compete with its flavor.
  10. Yeah - we may be heading further south. Grants Lick or California. There is a lot of good property of Peach Grove Rd.
  11. We built this house about 6 years ago now. It'll be listing about $45,000 above where we bought it. I'll let you know we are in the market for property in the southern Campbell County area - land or house and land. No subdivisions.
  12. I'll get you guys up to speed on our situation. We are selling our home and looking for either property or if something hits the market that we find agreeable we will take it. But this is all going to be about timing. So - we have sold a house before and then built a house. But while our house had sold we had a place to go stay while in between houses. That will not be an option this time. What have you done while in between houses? Also - we will be listing our house without an agent. This will be new to us as well. We will at least be getting an agent to get us an MLS#. Has anyone tried this before? And what advice could you give us?
  13. So far in my life - I haven't limited myself on the amount of beer I drink or the amount of food I consume while at the Chinese buffet. So I say why not bring on the damage pics? Unless someone objects, then I'll fold like a cheap suit.
  14. Well - I ain't no NWO but it sure looked tornado-ish enough to me. I think I got a picture of the one I seen in Springboro on my work laptop. I'll see if I can't get that posted tomorrow
  15. https://youtu.be/DnYtJamXM7w Here's the video associated with the above picture
  16. I've seen 3. One while driving back from Columbus Ohio near West Lancaster about 7 years back now. Another while driving back from Muncie Indiana near Eaton Ohio. And another while working at a natural gas regulating station near Springboro Ohio. I was so close to the one in Eaton Ohio that I could feel my F350 dually utility truck swaying. Dang near had to contemplate ditching it and going for cover - which was pretty much no where unless I wanted to hide in a corn field.
  17. Sorry NWO. That would have been on April 3, 2018 around 7 pm and probably a few miles south of the little town of New Richmond, Ohio.
  18. Post them here. Friend of mine took this picture not too far away from Zimmer Power Plant on the "not so Godly side of the river" in Ohio.
  19. Working. Then home to clean it. Hoping to have the house on the market in a couple weeks.
  20. I've seen 17 off of that list. I would rate my top 10 something like this: 1 - Saving Private Ryan 2 - Schindler's List 3 - The Last Crusade 4 - Catch Me If You Can 5 - Jaws 6 - Jurassic Park 7 - Raiders of the Lost Ark 8 - Lincoln 9 - E.T. (This would have been further up when I was younger) 10 - Bridge of Spies
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