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  1. My shed. I built it. I think it's still too expensive but i still love it. 12 x 16 with a concrete floor - electric - and a porch to set the grill. In the evenings I sit and drink beers and watch the bird feeder. It's my peaceful haven. But I paid for it even though I built it
  2. Mixed emotions. Loved him - hated him too. He'd hit the shot that you sorely needed then he'd give up a layup because he couldn't defend off of the bounce. Wish he'd come back - but understand if money is the issue
  3. It's the time of year to bring it back. What birds are you seeing? I've seen plenty of: Red winged black birds Brown headed cow birds Downy woodpecker Cardinal Black capped chickadee Opiliated woodpecker House sparrows Juncos Morning doves Blue jays Western tanagers Several more that i couldn't even name. Even seen a few hummingbirds down in the wildflower patch.
  4. I'm against both. I see more justification in the way the NFL players are handling their situation even though I don't fully support it - I understand. In this day and age - there is no one perfect way to protest anything without someone having taken offense. I could protest having chicken dinners fed to every human being to protest world hunger and someone would take offense to the chicken not providing full nutrients to those in need or whatever. I'm just so done with all protesting - people just need to live their lives and stay out of other's lives. Roseanne Barr should just fade into oblivion. Why she was ever awarded a resurgence is unknown to me
  5. I'll honestly say this. I haven't watched TWD in about 2 years. I'd watch to see Rick Grimes get defeated once and for all. That being said - I absolutely hate the "tribute" episodes. They have worn that out. I probably would stop watching after Rick's outcome was sealed. I feel like this show was about survival in the beginning stages. Now it's about prolonging the show as a whole.
  6. If you like pizza - Salvadores is in that same area as mentioned above. My personal opinion - it's the best pizza around
  7. My mind went a different direction when I read the thread title...
  8. Houston may have won this game but in the end Chris Paul may have paid the price. He seemed pretty hobbled as he walked off of the court - seemed to be more than just a cramp to me. Possibly a hamstring injury. If so, I feel for him. As for the game - Houston again stepped up the defense in the 4th quarter. If Chris Paul is out - this series is over even though the Rockets hold a 3-2 advantage.
  9. F is for Family - while vulgar language is present - is highly comical. Comedian Bill Burr plays the leading role.
  10. Thought the refs kind of blew this at the end. I thought the game should have ended without a foul yet they awarded the Warriors with a foul. Chris Paul missed a free throw and that allowed the Warriors to get a shot in the air that would've tied it.
  11. Me too. I really hope Chris Paul gets a shot at a championship.
  12. I hope you know I was having fun. Where you at? South Carolina? I'll be in Hilton Head in July. We've been there 5 consecutive years. It's truly too nice and convenient.
  13. Anybody that I was interested in was running unopposed. So there weren't any rhyme or reason to vote today. Go America though!
  14. Tough life - don't worry - us Millennials will hold it down while you're off living the good life, ya old goat.
  15. It tried to hail here in Alexandria. Brief moment there where we were picking up pebble sized hail. Bet it didn't even last 30 seconds
  16. Those who work in a cubical all day or those who have their yard work done for them just won't get it. It's as refreshing as a cool rain and a ice cold sweet tea. Some may look down upon it from their posts in life. But I see it as a successful finish to a hard days work sometimes.
  17. I work outdoors a lot and sometimes there are few things that can beat a cool shower with a nice ice cold beer after you've done been sweating like crazy on a hot day.. So - I know exactly what your talking about MJ.
  18. Civil rights era in the 1960's and 70's. Not saying that it'd be entertaining - but could you imagine. The worst of the worst would have been on full display.
  19. An incredible image for sure. Thanks for sharing
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