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  1. So we're talking about: Trinity, St X, DeSales, Lexington Catholic, Covington Catholic, Newport Catholic, St. Henry, Holy Cross, Owensboro, Covington Latin, and Villa Madonna and then a handful of other smaller private Christian Schools?
  2. Personally, I don’t like it. The vast majority of the 2021 seniors played their seasons.
  3. Must the 2021 Senior remain at the same school or may the 2021 Senior opt to play elsewhere? And down the line... May the current 2022 Senior opt to play elsewhere for the 5th year?
  4. After the game, the CovCath radio broadcast team said that they saw Vieth down on the court holding his leg in pain. Has anyone heard any updates to that observation by the CCH radio team?
  5. Ryle and Dixie will be tough games but Highlands should win.
  6. It seems to me the same thing could be said about Highlands.
  7. Really looking forward to seeing how Coach Sphire evaluates and utilizes the talent.
  8. That's a good take and good insight into the situation.
  9. Also, playing on a college sized court (94ft) versus a high school sized court (84 ft) makes a difference when playing a team that likes to press and smother like CovCath. That extra 10 feet makes a big difference.
  10. Overall it was an ugly win for the Birds over a bad Conner team. If the Birds aren't able to establish some type of passing game against a much better CovCath defense, it's going to be over quick and be a 27+ point win for CovCath.
  11. I agree with this. I think the Birds will get the win with a margin in the 13-17 point range.
  12. That’s just wrong! Highlands stayed in that 3-5 the entire game. When Cooper had 8 offensive linemen, Highlands would line up with only 3 defensive players down and no one else within 5 yards of the LOS.
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