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  1. Covington Catholic’s defense is a problem for these other NKY teams. If anybody beats them, it will most likely be a very low scoring game.
  2. How have Cooper’s special teams performed this year?
  3. So Cooper will run it down Highlands throat and have no problem throwing the ball but win by only 14? So it’s going to be 28-14 or something like that?
  4. Tough to say... Both Dixie and CovCath have had their bye weeks heading into the Highlands game. Giving the Colonels and Coach Eviston an extra week to heal, rest up, and prepare could be dangerous for Highlands. That being said, Highlands does have some athletes that can help the Birds compete with CovCath. Highlands will need to go +2 in turnovers, make something "special" happen on special teams, and make the soph QB beat them. And, Highlands will need to strike early...
  5. Realistically, for Highlands to have a chance, I think they'll need to go +2 in turnovers and need some magic on special teams. Highlands' offense just hasn't shown the ability to consistently move the ball against better teams, except for the long pass against mostly blown coverages. And, Highlands' defense has really struggled to stop a team from running the ball. Adjustments will be needed... move another man up into the box... man up and/or mix coverages against the sophomore QB. Make the sophomore QB beat you!
  6. Strictly from a curiosity perspective, how many boys on this year’s Beechwood Frosh team were also Frosh last year? How many took advantage of the SSYP?
  7. Is Dixie really as big and physical as Ryle upfront? “Carbon copy?” There can no doubt that the extra week helps.
  8. 1. Highlands got pushed around upfront against Ryle. Will Dixie be able to push Highlands around the same way? 2. Noon has to stay in the pocket and see the open receivers. And if/when he does decide to scramble, he must keep the ball up and his eyes up and downfield. He's tucking it and trying to do too much on his own. There have been plenty of times in both the McNich and Ryle games when he doesn't see and deliver the ball to the open receiver(s). 3. Highlands has to find a running game. 4. Highlands will have to pressure Landers and not let him throw it deep to
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