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  1. It was a great 5A playoff game. It was a very hard hitting, high energy game that was fun to watch… a truly great high school football game. The refs? These teams were evenly matched and it could have gone either way! Congrats to Coach McKey! Next year the state is going to have deal with a new and improved Highlands program that could be very very good.
  2. Me too Coach Dueller. The Birds' D has been playing very well and flying to the ball. Will they be able to fly to the ball if they can’t find it until it’s already 5-8 yards or more downfield? #26 has been a factor for the Birds defense all year by making plays at the line or near the line. I think he’s going to need to play a little more conservatively. And we can’t miss tackles… wrap up, grab cloth, hold on and wait for defenders to help. Get the ball! Winning turnovers will help because Scott Co will most likely win Time of Possession. Offense - protect the ball! The Birds will need to score and score and score! No fumbles. No interceptions. No dropped balls on 2nd and 3rd downs. Play action! Run the QB. Take what they give you. Birds 30-28!
  3. 5 pages already and it's only Monday! This should be a great game. Like most, I think this is going to be a pretty high scoring game ... probably in the neighborhood of 70+ points scored.
  4. Funny! I watched part of the game vs. Boyle and would say that Douglass is a very strong #1 in 5A and very well could be the state's overall #1 regardless of class.
  5. Do these guys really think this officiating crew intentionally tanked the game? They're saying things along the lines of "how are these guys going to sleep tonight knowing what they did?" Now they are attacking the character of these officials. These guys are embarrassing Woodford County!
  6. Now the announcers are comparing this officiating crew's performance to the "cheat job" by the officials in the movie Remember the Titans!
  7. It will simply allow the Raceland fans more time to drive around Fort Thomas to find a parking spot and then walk to the stadium.
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