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  1. It depends on which NewCath team shows up. If the team that went down to Walton shows up they will lose. If the team that went to Campbell County shows up they will win. Newport has a legit shot.
  2. Kinner is an outstanding running back. On many plays, he was dragging 3,4 and sometimes 5 NCC players. "Push Button" Go ability, great field vision. Absolute STUD!!
  3. To say that the Kinner kid is a stud, is an absolute understatement. On many plays, he was dragging 3 or 4 NCC players. "Push Button" GO ability. STUD!!!
  4. The weather,being cool, helps NewCath and their small roster. 90 degrees and humid hurts a team with players going both ways. 78 degrees and moderate humidity, not so much. NewCath 22-13.
  5. Maybe not so much that but knowing NCC was moving down and that would probably give him a better opportunity to win a State Championship.
  6. Based upon the OL performance for NewCath last night (albeit against CovCath) I think CC will dominate the line....27-9 Camels
  7. Grant Brannen was very involved with this past weeks Breds Basketball camp for whatever that's worth..that being said he is a grad, kids go to a feeder and he just loves baskeball and NCC so probably just volunteering
  8. Watched the game and I felt the officiating was good. In every game you can pick out a few plays and say they missed this or that....because they did. I didn't see anything blatantly missed. I didn't think Jolly was fouled as much as he forced a tough shot with 3 defenders on him. but, he is your "go to" and that who you want taking that shot.
  9. 10-22 obviously works against lesser but big games are won at the line. Really need to tighten this up.
  10. Get a win versus a quality opponent. Year after year, they pile up victories against the "sisters of the poor". We get it they can beat Bellevue and Gallatin County by a combined 100-0. I feel they need some type of signature win to be taken seriously...also need to start scheduling tougher opponents...add Beechwood or something, play NewCath. Just my opinion
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