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  1. I thought a telling stat was the one Aikman said late in the game: The Bengals had the 3 worst tacklers in the NFL last season. They aren't much better now. Bates didn't tackle anyone tonight. Also, when you have the ball First and Goal at the 6 inch line, go under center and QB sneak. If they stop you, do it again. If they stop you the second time, do it again. They lost almost 10 yards on 2 plays. Another thing I noticed: Why do the Bengal DB's always get caught up in picks by receivers but they never seem to run any pick routes? Comes down to the basics, if you can't block and you can't tackle, you can't win. If you throw in bad play calling, you don't have a chance.
  2. MLB does broadcast games (as well as talk shows and highlight shows just like ESPN). I've worked 2 of the MLB Broadcasts at GABP this year: Opening Day and the August 3rd game against Cleveland. Sometimes they use their own announcers and sometimes they pick the feed from one of the teams. It's entirely possible that FSO was still in commercial break but MLB cut back in early and caught Thom saying it.
  3. I'm guessing he was talking about Kansas City or at least that might have been where the discussion started. Slim Pickens makes a similar reference in Blazing Saddles.
  4. The problem is they can't drop the women's sports because of Title IX. They have to provide equitable opportunities to participate. Men's Basketball, Track, Cross Country, Soccer, Baseball, etc. all need to have corresponding scholarship numbers for women. The large number of football scholarships also means there are a few women's programs that usually don't have a male counterpart. Volleyball, Field hockey and sometimes women's soccer and women's golf help to keep a program in Title IX compliance. Also, although spending doesn't have to be equal, Women athletes must receive equitable treatment and benefits. Essentially that means when the football budget is 50 million and the Men's basketball Budget is 20 million, they need to spend millions dollars on women's sports when they know it's a loss. Even if you turn all of the non-revenue mens sports into club sports, they will still need to spend that money on women's sports mainly because of the big budgets for football and men's basketball. It's really not the non-revenue sports that cause the problems. If there wasn't football and Men's basketball, it would be pretty easy to get athletic spending under control. However with all the revenue those 2 sports generate, the university is still better off operating all the other sports at a loss. I did some quick research on Xavier and Miami of Ohio. Figuring Xavier was a good D1 program without football and Miami is a D1 program with football but I wouldn't rank any of their sports as equal to Xavier's (but they do have a great men's hockey program). Xavier's athletic budget is around 14 million for 18 sports (9 men's and 9 women's) with 330 athletes (180 men and 159 women). Xavier athletics are self funded from what I can tell. Miami has an athletic budget around 38 million for 19 sports (8 men's and 11 women's) and 554 athletes (296 men and 258 women). 24 million of that budget is a subsidy from the university. Football programs are usually what throws the budgets out of whack. It's great revenue but it also creates big expenses the have nothing to do with football.
  5. Just noticed there was a typo on my post. It was a 4 Million Dollar loss by the Women's Basketball program. There were also 3 sports that lost over 2 Million (Rowing, Swimming and Diving, Women's Hockey) and 8 other sports that lost over a million.
  6. I just caught this article about the losses that Women's Sports have at Ohio State. The numbers are ridiculous. Over a $4 Million Dollar loss for Women's basketball. https://www.bizjournals.com/columbus/news/2019/10/05/countdown-see-which-ohio-state-sports-bring-in-the.html#g/461164/1
  7. The NCAA only controls the FCS Championship (16 team playoff) in D1. The FCS Champion is the only NCAA Champion in D1. As member schools, the FBS schools abide by NCAA rules (supposedly) but the NCAA has no say in the FBS (CFP) championship. So when the NCAA says they are cancelling all Championships in 2020, they are only talking about the FCS, D2 and D3 Championships in football. The CFP is free to have it's championship whenever it wants.
  8. When I was a kid my mom would bring home deli sandwiches from K-Mart where she worked and we would have Husman's regular chips with them. The chips would have big air pockets in them so you could dip them in your Coke and fill the air pockets and eat them that way. Was a big treat back then, we barely ate out.
  9. Double Stuff are the only ones we buy! My daughter taught me the trick of sticking a fork in them so you can submerge the whole thing in milk or coffee without getting your fingers messy.
  10. Cherry is my favorite. Does anyone else eat the outside "crust" first?
  11. Just a question about the flu outbreaks last fall that some think was COVID: If that was COVID, why did it have such a drastic effect on the school aged kids but from what we've seen with COVID from February on, there has been very little effect on school aged kids?
  12. Never tried Olive Loaf (not an olive fan on anything) but had plenty of Pickle Loaf as a kid. Same thing here on that, not my favorite but a good sandwich every now and then.
  13. Indiana has 6.85 million people and 1379 deaths. Thats 202 deaths per million. Kentucky has 4.5 million people and 294 deaths. Thats 65 deaths per million. Tennessee has 6.82 million and 237 deaths. Why is the death rate in Indiana is over 3x the rate in KY and TN? The only real difference between stats is that Indiana's first death was about a week before Tennessee's but that doesn't explain that gap.
  14. So I was wrong in what I said earlier according to an article I just read. The third person that shot the video was William Bryan who is a resident of the community that the shooting took place in.
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