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  1. Gonna be interesting to watch Niece (SK) face off against N Perrin (SHS) tonight. Nelson dates Niece's sister (Ally). Should make for some interesting talk around the Christmas tree this weekend. Maybe one will give a gift of b-ball lessons to the other.
  2. Parked in a city owned lot yesterday where you pay at the pay station. Says $4 for two hours but when you go to pay it is $20 for Sweet Sixteen!! Highway robbery!
  3. SK girls basketball won a Regional Championship two years ago. Anybody seen a banner in the gym? I see a football banner. Will they earn a banner for this year? Did they take fan buses to football championships in the past? Priorities from the AD? Walgreens should be ashamed! Hopefully the city will recognize them on their marquee.
  4. 1st half looked like a repeat of Trimble game last year. However adjustments at half and foul trouble was the demise of AC.
  5. Possible upset in Williamstown tonight as #1 seed Walton Verona takes on #4 seed Simon Kenton.
  6. I started to comment on the same issue. It is really frustrating to see her get some of the calls she gets. All be it, she is physical and does demand alot of the fouls she gets but GOSH! It seems she never gets a fair shake. If a players runs into another player who is stationary and does not budge the player because she is bigger, is that a charging foul? Or must you fall down to the ground to be ruled a charge?
  7. The game was a complete embarrassment. Calls and no calls were very obvious. Once the Stinson girl took a wildly attempted shot (that was not touched), it went over the top of the backboard and the ref who was right in front of the action said it was touched by SK. Really? Another instance of many, Meier was standing erect with hands straight up, a player driving bounces off of her and Meier is called with a blocking foul? In contrast, Niece is driving up court at the end of the 3rd quarter and gets literally belly flopped to the floor on a blocking foul. No call! The coach did take Stinson out of the game after the technical. However, that was not until after the SK fans were screaming at him because she was laughing about the instance to her teammates on the court while the SK player was on the ground being attended to. On a good note, i enjoyed the atmosphere at the game. The kindergarten class singing the National Anthem and then the school fight song. The whole E-town crowd knew the fight song, even the ole folks. I'm not sure 5% of the fans in NKY even know the school fight song,much less that the school even has one.
  8. Perfect confidence builder and tune up for Etown on Friday.
  9. I'm going with SK by nine. Niece will get fouled at game end to seal it at the free throw line. Now that SK knows the Sweet 16 draw, they will be even more dedicated to seeing this season through to a final game at NKU.
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