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  1. Looks like it’s rinse wash and repeat for SK year end and year out This team should be in control of this game by a larger margin. I’m not expecting a long stay at regionals. Yet again
  2. I’m heading to BB&T as well. Mason County bleachers are way too uncomfortable for my aching back. The Fieldhouse has seen its hay day. Wish they would move it to a more modern facility like the majority of the rest of the state has done.
  3. The wheels have come off the team. I started looking thru the schedule and maybe I thought SK was better than they were. Point being, where is the quality win this season?
  4. My observations of Scott are limited. From what I have seen, they can be a very dangerous team but play really loose. While that can be fun for the players, it’s a bad formula against good teams. Shooting contested 3’s, loose with the ball when you have the lead late in games allows a good team to come from behind and win. My opinion: coaches need to drive accountability for better in game decisions by players. Otherwise, this team may do a little damage but certainly won’t contend.
  5. To answer original post....... no size doesn’t matter but certainly benefits. However, coaching does play a major role
  6. Have got out to watch the girls this year and will be curious to see how they have improved from last year. I know this group will compete so whoever beats them will have to play hard I don’t see them being in the top tier in the state but certainly should be in the mix for the region.
  7. In my opinion that is not the way you go about a protest. If your goal is to offend is desecrate the honor of those who have fought and died, them mission accomplished. There are other ways to go about s protest and this is simply not it. While you are making your point, you are also offending the majority in this country and I don’t see how this can be helping your cause. Even if it is 25% of the people offended I don’t see how that’s helping your cause Find a way that doesn’t desecrate the memories of our defenders Don’t show a careless attitude I also disagree that if you shut down the professional sports. That will get immediate attention and maybe force a dialogue. All the anthem protests do is force a decisive prolonged dialogue that just divides.
  8. Winners. Every person that has lost a loved one or a dear friend protecting this countries freedoms So here is my biggest problem. Protesting during the national anthem clearly touches many people in different ways. A lot, like me, see it as the wrong forum and find it “very offensive” to memories of those lost protecting this country or sacrificing daily serving it Why not do something a little differntly? If you believe in the protest that strongly. Why not sit out games? Why not have the NFL. NBA. NHL MLB MLS just simply refuse to play in protest. Shut the leagues down! That will drawl more attention than they could ever want. The only people offended by this display would be the owners that most so adimently hate. Do the paychecks get in the way for the players? If that is the reasoning the. You are not that strongly committed in my opinion. If you are t that strongly committed then why “offend “ so many by kneeling during the anthem
  9. I support some of what you have said. The thing that bothers me the most is the hypocrisy of individuals that have access to microphones or television. For example, how many Hollywood actors argue against violence, yet have made a living of participating in violent movies? Leonardo DiCaprio..... talks a lot about the environment yet probably produces a larger carbon footprint than all the people combined that will read this thread. I fly from canes on private jet to UN just to give speech on environment and then fly back on private jet. I lecture Singapore on the environment while I’m cruising around on my private yacht damaging their coral reef. Just a few examples as this list can be added to for months I make this comment because most of the violence glorified in this country is portrayed by the individuals that are the first to grab a microphone. Do as I say but it’s ok for me to do it because I am important Lastly. I find it pretty telling that we have allowed god to be removed from our public schools and it seems to me that violence has increased. When was the last ti,s we had s mass shooting at a catholic or Christian school?
  10. There is another site that lists 5.7k year to date for gunrelated deaths The source is gunviolencearchive.org. I’m not sure of he discrepancy but either way it’s still statistically not even a blip on the radar. What source do you have stating 34k?
  11. According to the CDC information that is dated 5/28 Alcohol related deaths 54k Drug abuse 10k Druge overdoes 6k Gun related deaths 4.6k texting while driving 2.4k Just to name a few... and there are plenty of additional statistics in addition to the few I mentioned. Source; Romans322.com which is a compilation of CDC data. That said, it seems to me that if you really want to impact the death rate in the country. We should really go after Alcohol, driving and drug users (including your recreational marijuana users). Gun related deaths are so statistically insignificant that its really white noise in terms of impact of overall deaths in this country. Of the 4,600 gun related deaths, the one thing I would like to know is how many occurred with illegal guns or stolen guns? I would be will to be that number is a significant percentage of the total.
  12. Why? The first person to bring the Koreas to the table after 60+ years to formally end their war and give hope the two may finally start easing tensions North Korea on record of saying they will end their nuclear development program and Missile development program. South Korea’s has praised the United States and said this would not of happened without their support I can’t think of any reason this shouldn’t warrant such an honor Before anyone starts on all the other controversial stuff. I’m talking this accomplishment. Nothing else
  13. Several NBA executives have been on record as saying that the Ball boy is not even on their radar. They don’t even view him as a project for the d-league. Now one may take him to try and sale tickets, but in the end the kid will spend most of his time as a journeyman trying to latch on to an oversees team. My prediction is he will eventually try and become an agent with his dad touting him as the worlds best. Their former coach oversees said he saw some potential in the youngest Ball but he must improve I don’t remember his exact stats but he was shooting in the low to mid 20s and according to his coach he gave no effort on defense. In fact, I believe he was benched for poor play and attitude which prompted the sudden move for hem to come home. SMH
  14. That’s the question. Ryles coach nearly cost them against holy cross and dixie Will She press and risk foul trouble?. Will she have her players crash the boards and risk foul trouble? Can she use her bench? If no, and she wins the. That’s a lot of wear and tear for a hard run These are but a few questions she hasn’t solved as evident by her first two regional games
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