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  1. The starting lineup is not even noteworthy. Coach subs capable players in and out all the time. The lineup could change every game and not really matter.
  2. Wow! That Montini (Chicago) team could compete in the EYBL league. So quick and long. I thought their press was most impressive.
  3. Keep in mind SK is also playing without its leading rebounder from last year, Buckner. Jones did play and was deadly from 3. I thought it was a well balanced scoring night. Although I have not seen scoring totals. It just seemed that way.
  4. Scherr did not dress but was on bench with wrist/hand wrapped. She would not have changed the outcome. SK was too much tonight.
  5. The Chattanooga team is rated 19th nationally. BTW, Louisville Butler is 21st. See the link below. Meet the 2
  6. Simon Kenton's opponent Montini Catholic looks to be one of the best teams in Illinois. Great test for the Lady Pioneers. "Coach Jason Nichols Montini squad has 2 high caliber BCS 2018 posts Lindsey Jarosinski 6-5 & Aaliyah Patty 6-3 PF. One of best teams in IL." "Montini has 3 2017 D1 signees Claudia Kunzer 5-6 G South Dakota Kaylee Bambule 5-7 G Ohio University & Nikki Oppenheimer 5-9 G Syracuse....." quoted by Bret Mccormick on twitter.
  7. Does anybody have a website or information with schedules for the showcase event at Dixie Heights on Saturday the 3rd? I hear teams from Chicago and Tennessee are attending.
  8. The Ohmer Allen show. PC (not Allen) hits a 3 at the buzzer to send it to overtime. Scott wins in overtime.
  9. updates on twitter @kentuckypremier. Anderson Cty defeated CAL Harlan Cty defeated Russell Cty Sacred Heart up big on Pulaski Cty at the end of 1 qtr. per the twitter feed.
  10. Thumbs up to the Murray staff for going to find games. That will only get them better prepared for March.
  11. Not taking any shots at Murray. I believe they have a chance to make at run at not only the "All A" but also the Sweet 16.
  12. Would love to see what thoughts are and a comparison of strengths of schedule. Surely all the Louisville schools schedule tough just due to their local environment. It seems as though Mason Co has a top rated schedule. Simon Kenton seems to have gone out to take on some of the best in the state. On the other hand would it be safe to say that Murray would have a somewhat softer schedule simply due to geographic's? I could be wrong but just a 30,000 ft look at it. What are your thoughts? Now go make your turkey.
  13. No teams from the 8th? Guess what? One will be at the Sweet Sixteen.
  14. Not sure what that means, so maybe you should "tell it like it is". LOL!
  15. Voting on this poll was much easier than voting in the caucus today. SK with the win and trip to BB&T.
  16. Owen has lost to Collins twice this season. The bigs inside for Owen will be the challenge for SK.
  17. Great game out of Shelby Harmeyer! She had a double double with 27 points (season high, not sure of career) and 10 rebounds!! if she keeps stroking those threes this team will be playing several games this month at BB&T Arena. Ally Niece had her normal game taking over when needed and dishing the ball to her teammates. Good luck Pioneers against the Lady Rebels! Gotta play them all and take no one for granted. Just ask Mason County.
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