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  1. Predictions? Who wins and why? Who will be the X factor? Probably the best matchup in NKY tonight. WV rated #1 in the 8th region.
  2. I SK winning a close game. Niece may not score a lot of points but she will be a difference maker in controlling the game and pushing the ball downcourt. Stamper is hard for anyone to guard down low. If Harmeyer gets hot early you can look for a blowout.
  3. Id say HC needs to be looking forward to what District winner in Region 9 they will face next week.
  4. Great loss to the whole community, but his legacy is what will live on and shine bright. We all should hope to leave a legacy like his to our family, friends and community.
  5. Final. Ally Niece starts the game for the first time this year. Great games by Jones (25pts) and Stamper (21pts).
  6. Can't make it tonight. Any updates would be appreciated.
  7. Was Campbell County missing any players? That seems to be the only reason given why SK ever wins or is even in a game? Maybe their cheerleaders were not there?
  8. Great game from both teams tonight. Niece simply took over at the end.
  9. Niece has been spot playing. However, she still has a long road ahead. By regional tourney time she should be closer to being the game changer she was. It's mind over matter right now.
  10. Wow! I don't care who plays or does not play. If your team shoots 63.6% from the field and within that 81.8% from the 3 point line. You should and deserve to win the game.
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