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  1. Game is at Simon Kenton. Expect a big crowd for this one.
  2. The stat line for Ally Niece as called by the MoCo radio announcer...33 pts. 6 assists 7 rebounds. 3 steals. Plus she sold two bags of popcorn and a Diet Coke. That's classic.
  3. Interesting to note about that T. I saw #2 twice earlier in the game deliver the ball to the ref in a fashion that was not okay with the referee. Once it was very hard return of the ball from the free throw line and the other time was a toss of the ball from a short distance that the ref caught at or near his head. I noticed the ref give him "the look". So the later T may have been a result of earlier actions as well. I don't think#2 did anything bad he just was aggressive in getting the ball to the ref. By the way, SK is huge! They must be one of the tallest teams in the state. They could
  4. That is a huge part of Niece's game. Last year she had lots of almost half court passes to girls ahead for easy layups. However, Ryle did a good job of limiting those passes last night. One odd fact about those are if the pass comes from beyond half court it is not counted as an assist. ??
  5. Simon Kenton (17) defeated Manual (7) in the Scott Co Scrimmages both halves. Either one is too high or another is too low. Just sayin...
  6. Congratulations to the Northern Kentucky Association of Coaches Players of the Year announced last week at the annual banquet. Says a lot when the coaches make this selection. Obviously these ladies must have made an impression. Job well done ladies! Division III: Tori Wofford Division II: Lydia Graves Division I: Ally Niece :clap:
  7. So if SK can win one game could they possibly be good enough? Or would Graves not be a strong enough opponent. Come on people!
  8. They had to settle for a 3 due to great defense on the inbound and once the ball was in play they got scattered smothered and covered.
  9. I don't speak much with all you people. However, I enjoy your chats. But I saw the exact same thing. You lay on the ground and grab my leg I will kick you off me. Period!
  10. Ally Niece, a freshman on the Simon Kenton Lady Pioneer team, was honored tonight for reaching 1000 points in her high school career. Upon making a free throw the game was stopped and she was presented the game ball upon which she promptly passed it on to her father. Ally and the Pioneers went on to soundly defeat the Ryle Raiders in the game. SK is now 2-0 and will face off with Notre Dame Saturday. :banana:
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