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  1. From what I am being relayed, she is making it public to teammates and others. I would guess they will try to claim they are moving "again" to inside Highlands district or a financial thing. I cannot imagine KHSAA with all things that went on last year allows this. Yet who transfers 3 times in 4 years and why
  2. So NDA martin is said be transferring to her third school in 4 years. Highlands.
  3. any chance he is the son of Rick who played at MOE
  4. Conner can't play tonight so this was a great gesture by Ludlow. But why does NDA reschedule the Conner home game for tomorrow and have another home game Saturday that could have been senior night. But again what a great gesture by Ludlow probably not knowing this
  5. I find it interesting then as to why we saw way way more NDA parents and players showing respect to the HC staff including Kes than their own coaches after the game. We saw a good 5-6 families approach him and shake his hand. Were these people that have known him for a while and that's why or what.
  6. Either you lack in intelligence or u know. Pick one Maybe both
  7. Focus on the game. All that comment was for is to start issues again for Kes. Give me a break.
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