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  1. Won at the free throw line. Maybe Briscoe should take lessons from Walton.
  2. 40-32 Walton end of third. 12 turnovers in 3rd by WV but still winning. ??
  3. If this SK team shows up over the next two weeks I am gonna be missing all the SEC tourney in Nashville. Wow! Great shooting by all and defiant defense. WV was never in it.
  4. I predict a close low scoring game. SK wins by five at the free throw line late. And, Oh what the heck, the WV coach gets thrown out of the game like last year.
  5. Ally Niece shot is going viral. All the local news covered it. Now channel 5 ran a split screen shot of her duplicating the shot on her first try at practice today! It made FS1 Top 10 last night.
  6. Congratulations to Ally on being named the 8th Region Player of the Year by the coaches as a Sophomore. What a day! Yesterday she was named POY, scored her 2000th career point and got her 2003rd point on a 3/4 shot to win the game. Does anyone have the others named to the all region team?
  7. Okay. So it was top of the key from opposite end. Wow!
  8. 3/4 court not foul line but a black line on court. Probably volleyball line.
  9. 2003 points and counting. Congratulations Ally Niece!! 3/4 court shot with two defenders on her and threw it one handed. (Like she does many of her 3/4 court passes to teammates). Btw, the net was still hanging on the rim after the game was over.
  10. It is a Girls/Boys doubleheader in Independence tonight with the girls beginning at 6pm. Who will win the girls matchup and why? Highlands (23rd) comes in at 19-9 with the #11 rated schedule strength in the state and Simon Kenton (14th) is 19-5 with the #6 rated schedule strength. (Ratings from 2/14 Maher rankings.)
  11. I'm not sure if it is related but Ally Niece (Simon Kenton) was selected NKAC (Large schools) conference player of the year as a Freshman. Seems it would be related to region player of the year qualifications as well.
  12. Ally Niece (Simon Kenton) is close to reaching 2000 points as a sophomore. Interesting is that Niece, Held and Lexi Stapleton all played on the same AAU team while they were in Middle School. Some pretty good training took place there.
  13. Win is a win. Especially against a top 25 team for the second time. Meier is playing awesome!
  14. According to Maher rankings Simon Kenton has the #3 strength of schedule year to date. Then they still play Henry Clay, Conner, Cooper, Campbell Cty and Highlands. All teams in the top 20-50 range. That is a year long tough row to hoe.
  15. Wow, Simon Kenton has the #3 strength of schedule. This should help them come tourney time.
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