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  1. I'm going with SK by nine. Niece will get fouled at game end to seal it at the free throw line. Now that SK knows the Sweet 16 draw, they will be even more dedicated to seeing this season through to a final game at NKU.
  2. Congrats on 2500 Ally Niece. Now go bring home a state championship. No recruiting worries.
  3. Congratulations Ally Niece!! Hard work is paying off. Can't wait to watch NKU make big strides with their program having Ally around. It would even help their recruiting because other recruits who know her game want to play with her.
  4. The link below has the new rankings based on strength of schedule. Simon Kenton looks strong on this list at #4 and barely out of #3. Mercer County girls top Litkenhous Ratings
  5. Simon Kenton in command at the end of 3rd quarter 47-28
  6. Starters for SK: Niece, Harmeyer, Jones, Harney, Bush. I thought a great coaching move. Meier came out and played in beast mode. Maybe that is the little push she needed.??
  7. Tough day for Sacred Heart losing twice. Props in order for Ryle. Great win!
  8. 38% (18 of 48) of the games last night were won by 30 or more. Several of those losers did not even score 20 points. Mercer won 90-54 over Danville. Should they be scrutinized? E-town won 71-14. Maybe its time we move on to another subject.
  9. Who were the others? I left with 5 minutes left because they were up 35 and there was a wholesale substitution and five new players came in. Keep in mind I think their bench is limited. Buckner dressed but did not play due to injury. Stamper was out. Im not sure how many others are available but cannot be too many. You may need to still keep a starter in the game. ?? Is it a bad idea to have your subs work on the press?
  10. Maybe everybody should have gotten a trophy as was so nicely put by Jeff Walz. WATCH: College Basketball Coach Sounds Off on Participation Trophies in Epic Rant | Fox News Insider SK was up 33-15 at half. I guess they should have just laid down then?
  11. After this weekend it will shuffle up in the top 7. Everyone but Male competes against one another. Mercer vs Mason Butler vs Murray Sacred Heart vs Simon Kenton Murray could conceivably move to 2,3 or 4. ??
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