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  1. SK lost this game on the defensive end. They gave up way too many layups out of the half court press. SK played right into their hands.
  2. Simon Kenton gets the district victory. They are now set in as the number 1 seed in the district. They also host the districts this year.
  3. Yes they did stop the game, but not until the next dead ball. Grant kept the action going after his shot.
  4. Final from Dixie. SK in control most the whole game. Niece with 36.
  5. I'll be glad when the Jags play CCH so this thread will disappear into oblivion.
  6. Great game plan and win for the Jaguars. Pioneers better wipe it and start fresh today. Obviously Cooper coach was not going to let Niece beat him like he did last year on a last second shot. Kudos to Cooper team for shutting him down. Now it will be interesting to see how SK responds to this Butt whipping. They got Dixie on Friday night in Edgewood.
  7. Please and thank you. Can’t make it tonight. At Rupp cheering on the Cats.
  8. "Cooper by 12, 63-51. I think the size of Cooper and their ability to break SK's press will cause problems. Having seen the Cougars play against both I like Coopers defense in this one." Granted Cooper may come out with a victory in this matchup. However, they better score more than 63 and expect to only give up 51 to SK. Through 14 games this season SK have averaged 78 points per game. So lets just say maybe SK gets high 60s, Cooper better score more in order to pull out the victory.
  9. I guess you could say this game was won at the charity stripe.
  10. Anybody have thoughts on the total score? Talk all week was about WV limiting points and not scoring a ton. Whereas, SK scores in the 70-80 range. Would SK be able to win at WV pace? For sure, SK was tracking a lot after putting up 52 in 3 quarters.
  11. Barn burner even with the rain. SK almost let it slip away.
  12. Better get there early for a good seat, this one is going to be packed at SK.
  13. It will be a war of Defense vs Offense. Walton scores in the 50s and SK in the 70s.
  14. Harding dominated the Pioneers on the boards, no question. Newport got up on SK big from the outset. It seemed as though the first 3-4 shots that SK took went in and out at the rim. Whereas, Newport was scoring at will during that time. Niece shot a three on maybe their first possession and it literally fell in and out of the basket. No doubt Newport has a quality squad and out played Simon on this date. SK needs to come back today and get a quality win before taking Walton on Friday night at SK.
  15. South Laurel vs Simon Kenton on Saturday at 7 will be a must see. Hopefully UK puts UNC away early.
  16. Nice win for the Eagles. I thought I saw where Sparkman was the Alabama 7A runner up last year. Plus I believe Scott was without Ohmer.
  17. Does anyone have the matchups and times for today’s games?
  18. Just watched the game replay on Pegasus sports. SK should have put them away in the second half but let them back in it. Announcers had Niece with 28 points. Crazy play at end with Niece taking the ball from SO and getting fouled to then ice the game from the ft line.
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