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  1. i think Kyle Todd, QB at Elizabethtown, has an offer from UT Martin Jordan Kinderd, DE at Scott County has an offer from UT Martin Ben Lawler, QB at Scott County, has offers from EKU, Ball State and Furman
  2. Six rotating D-backs, Five huge O-Linemen, Four smash mouth Linebackers, Three leaping Receivers, Two shifty Runningbacks, and a QB throwing the full passing tree
  3. Great post! Circumstances can play a big role in the attention a player receives or doesn't receive, i.e. a great QB or WR in a run offense, a great RB in a passing offense. There are players on the 1st and 2nd Teams that aren't/won't be big enough to play D1 ball, and likewise, players on the 3rd Teams and Honorable Mention lists that are being recruited by D1 programs because of their size, speed and potential. Some fans will be surprised when the dust settles, and others will be able to say "I told you so!"
  4. The Cards should be good again. The JV and Frosh squads were 19-1 this year. I'm glad to see Scott County and Highlands playing. Hope it becomes a repeat game every year.
  5. Congrats to the 6 Scott County players that made the list: Avery Ford (1st D), Scott Daniels (2nd O), Damon Gray (2nd D), Ben Lawler, Dierrieus Dumphord and Josh Walls (HM). Jordan Kindred surely would have made one of the DL lists if he hadn't torn his ACL early in game 9. Like others have commented, I was stunned to see that a single Trinity OL made teams 1 or 2.
  6. FYI - The Herald-Leader only does an All-City Team from exclusively the Fayette County schools; no all-state team.
  7. I agree, it's a shame. I think Moses himself would have a problem finding a way through Trinity's O-line. There's no doubt they enabled the skill players to shine their brightest. In fact, there are surprisingly few players from most of the 12 teams that made it to Bowling Green last weekend, but this is a good opportunity to recognize top players from other teams. These honors are nice to get, but they aren't a game changer in the scholarship process.
  8. Trinity is an excellent team with great athletes in every position. Congratulations on winning the state 6A title and I hope they get the mythical national title. Congratulations to the Scott County players and Coaches on a tremendous 14-1 season. They only fell behind once all year and that was their only loss to the #1 team in the country. It takes a tremendous amount of heart and leadership for a team to be excited going into a game where everyone except your own fans is saying they'll be crushed, shutout, etc. Here's senior leadership - #6 Josh Walls (RB) was playing with a torn meniscus and #44 Jordan Kindred (DE) with a torn ACL, because their teamates needed them. #2 Ben Lawler (QB) continued playing with a bruised lung and ribs after taking a helmet to the chest early in the 2nd quarter. He didn't tell anyone he was coughing up blood, because his teamates needed him. #66 John Scott (OT/DT) played both ways the entire game. #84 JT True had more tackles of any other defensive player on both teams. #20 Avery Ford (CB) had 3 tackles, 3 assists and picked the ball away from one of the best QB-WR combinations in the country (no offense intended to the Trinity players). I'm confident these 6 Scott County seniors and possibly other will be playing college ball next year. Congratulations Cards!!!!
  9. This was a battle of defenses; good old smash-mouth football. Both defenses were very impressive. Well fought battle!
  10. Obviously glad to see Ben Lawler and Coach McKee get the 6A District 7 awards. Congrats to Pokey Harris, Zach Hester, Kaleb Leach and other central KY players, and Coach Brown is doing a good job of turning Madison Central around.
  11. Their base formation is the wing-T with a wide out, but they periodically use a wing single back set with a slot receiver, or a spread formation with a single back.
  12. They're both out this week too, but it shouldn't have a big impact on Scott Co defense. Unfortunately, any ejection during the tournament is an automatic 2 game ejection.
  13. This game was all Scott County. The offense ran a lot and passed as needed to score 5 rushing TDs by 4 players (QB (2), FB, RB & RB). Lawler passed to 3 different players on short routes for first downs, and Ward added a field goal to the scoreboard. Eastern rallied a few times but SC's defense kept shutting them down or creating turnovers. SC's True (LB) picked up a fumble and ran it 68 yards for the TD. Scott County's defense also got 4 picks and had at least one goal line stance. Eastern scored in the first and third quarters on passing plays. Scott County special teams go in the action when their QB come from the outside edge and blocked a punt and another SC player run it in for a TD.
  14. SC only has a two players going both ways, but they have enough depth in the positions to give them a rest whenever they need it.
  15. Not to get too far ahead either, but they would run zone against Trinity.
  16. Ballard was exactly what Scott Co needed in the second round; a good 'gut check' game. Ballard was big, loaded the box and put a lot of pressure on our QB, but Lawler still scored 2 TDs with 210 yards passing and 2 rushing TDs. Dumphord had another 150 yards rushing and 1 TD. Edwards has 70 yards rushing and 1 TD, and Scott County was without Walls who also averages 65 yards and 1 TD per game. Scott County's offense was firing on all cylinders again last Friday, turnover free, and they will put up a lot of points against Boone Co. Defense had the biggest gut check. Missing 2 starters (Walls is back now) and lost 2 more starters mid-game, plus it was the first time all season they had to switch to zone coverage. They fixed everything in practice, had 4 interceptions against Eastern, and ran a fumble back for 6. Boone may get 1 TD.
  17. It was only 2 players, and one did get a raw deal. He repeated the ref's sign for "incomplete" after he busted up a pass and he got immediately ejected. The other will probably be on the bench against Eastern but fortunately they have depth in those positions. Shouldn't be a problem for SC.
  18. THIS IS A COMPLETELY FALSE STATEMENT!!! First of all, the Lexington TV stations rarely have an interviewer there at the end of Scott County's games. They usually just send a camera to capture some first quarter footage and then comment on it. There was one single interview mid-season when the TV person baited a Scott County player with the question of, "If you end up facing Trinity in the Championship, what would you say to them ahead of time?" The response was "Be ready Trinity", meaning "Don't underestimate us." How in the heck is that smack? This Scott County team and the seniors specifically are all business and very talented. The only "smack" has been from others about Scott County. That's fine. They're big boys and they can take it, but DO NOT spread false rumors portraying them to be something they are not. Let the next 1-3 weeks play out and judge them based on their performance.
  19. SC made some adjustments on defense this week to replace Kindred (DE) and Walls (FS) who were both healing injuries. Their replacements played well and SC's high powered offense didn't skip a beat. Lawler (QB) had 210 yards and 2 TDs in the air and 71 yards and 2 TDs rushing, plus a 2-pt conversion; very impressive performance. Dumphord (FB) ran for 150 yards and 1 TD. Edwards (RB) ran for 70 yards and 1 TD, and Nelson (RB) ran for another 14. SC should win by 21+ points.
  20. This is the more accurate gauge IMO, because the number of total scholarships is realtively the same from year to year. Are Kentucky kids getting more of them? Is there an easy way to look back at the number of D1 and D1aa scholarship players coming out of the state over the past 10 years?
  21. Recognition as the "Best HS Football Player in the State" should be based on more than total yards. That criteria will produce a list of exclusively RBs and spread offense QBs everytime.
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