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  1. 8/24 * Bell County (Bowl Game) Away 6:00 pm 8/30 Shelby County Away 7:30 pm 9/6 Franklin County Home 7:30 pm 9/13 Spencer County Home 7:30 pm 9/20 Eastern Away 7:30 pm 9/27 Madison Southern Away 7:30 pm 10/4 Open 10/11 East Jessamine Home 7:30 pm 10/18 Woodford County Away 7:30 pm 10/25 West Jessamine Home 7:30 pm 11/1 Oldham County Home 7:30 pm * Bob Allen Pig Skin Classic Bowl at Danville HS
  2. Coach, I appreciate the kind words and feel the same about you. You do a great job with your kids, coaches and program! i was extremely impressed with every aspect of your team this year and I think you have a fantastic team returning. We lost a lot of very talented kids to graduation but we really like the team we have returning and hope to make another run this fall! Should be several really good 4A teams this fall and hopefully we can be in the mix making another run this year! Good Luck Coach Preston and look forward to seeing you soon!
  3. Martha Layne Collins 2017 Titan Varsity Football Schedule August 11 Bullitt East Scrimmage Away 7:30 pm August 19 (Sat.)* Madison Southern (Roy Kidd Bowl) Away 5:30 pm August 25 Moore Home 7:30 pm September 1 Ballard Away 7:30 pm September 8 Oldham County Away 7:30 pm September 15 Boyle County Home 7:30 pm September 22 Spencer County Away 7:30 pm September 29 Franklin County Homecoming Home 7:30 pm October 6 Open October 13 North Oldham Home 7:30 pm October 20 Shelby County Away 7:30 pm October 27 Pulaski County Senior Night Home 7:30 pm * Roy Kidd Bowl - @ Madison Central High School – 5:30 pm and 8:00 pm games
  4. We scrimmage Lafayette every year and they have always been a program with a great deal of talent and a lot of class. It has always been a good scrimmage for us and Coach Shaw is a fantastic hire for their program in my opinion. All of us at Collins wish him and his program the best of luck!
  5. Guru, we need to get you down to a Collins home game to check out our facilities and watch our boys play! We are proud of our kids and our place. Contact Coach Lucas when you can come. We would love to have you. We play SK first game. It will be a huge challenge against an outstanding team. Jeff does a great job with his program.
  6. I can assure you that Collins HS knows who you are!
  7. Brian Wigglesworth coaching at Collins. He coaches the line on both sides of the ball and is doing an amazing job building that program is a CU guy!
  8. Papa is getting pretty hot. The school turned into another high school instead of a 8/9 center cause of the cost of extra transportation..
  9. Maybe he should try not recruiting at his next job.
  10. Papa, YOU'RE NUTS!!! Do you know how to spell BLOWOUT!!! Yes the zeb's will play a roll just like the did in the Rockets loss at GRC last friday...These black and white shirted guys forgot to bring their whistles or at least lost them after they took care of DJ.
  11. Usually you can pick up the rockets online @ http://www.wxlnradio.com
  12. Why was the SC/AC game a coachs battle. Anderson ALWAYS plays Shelby this style. Shelby hit FT'S and they win double digits. You will see the same game in District Finals. Both teams yet to play Spencer. Is there a chance of Spencer beating either of these teams?
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