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  1. Ive been thinking. (this gets dangerous) 1. Can Ashland succeed with the Wishbone with a new OL? 2. Will Ashland be able to succeed against Highlands and CovCath going to a more one dimensional offense? What I want to know is why? Why is coach love choosing the wishbone? That will determine the amount of its success. Does he know it inside and out, every adjustment, every technique, the ins and outs of calling the game in it? If the answer is yes he can win. Does it fit the current and future personnel at Ashland High School? If the answer is yes to both he can win. If it is being done to be Macho, old school, or just because I said so, then no it will not win.
  2. This is HUGE. Will the parents and boosters who were saying what a great hire coach was stay with him on this? Will the kids buy in? Think of all the excitement right now around U.K. football. Stoops is winning the dinner table. Now think what an effect negative people can have on a high school team. Coaches losing the dinner table happens all the time in high school, and the coach looks bad because of it when in reality it was the parents souring the season all along behind the scenes.
  3. Its been funny to me to sit here and read the comments made by all the qb experts. 1. It was 1 practice. Whitlow did not win the job and Towles did not lose the job Saturday. 2. Neil called several vertical shots and the qbs generally checked the ball down to the rb. (who was wide open by the way) 3. They did not throw bubble screens. They ran what is called a 41/51 fast in this offense which goes to the outside receiver and involves no bubble at all. 4. The volume of concepts you saw Saturday running and passing will be trimmed down in the fall based on who the qb is and what the team does well. 5. The air-raid has evolved since the days of Mumme 14 years ago. Now it is play fast and do whatever it takes to score. There could be more passing in the fall which most people assume is the air-raid, but if we have better backs and Te than receivers you will see more like Saturday continue with balanced running and heavier personnel groups.
  4. Moving from coordinator to the big chair makes a lot of sense to lots of assistants. NKY is also a desirable place to live.
  5. I am of that school of thought. There is a reason the NFL combine asks you to do 225 for reps instead of 1 rep max.
  6. If they interviewed Boston , did he not tell them what he wanted to run offensively? Did he say veer, Franklin, wing-t or something else? If they are holding the veer against him maybe that's what he said, I don't know. If I was being interviewed I would very carefully lay out my plan. One thought from an outsider, maybe they are pretty certain that they want someone with previous head coaching experience. I don't know if that was ever stated as a criteria. Boston might be a fantastic choice but I'm thinking they must be wanting head coaching experience.
  7. NKY Louisville Western KY Central Kentucky Lexington Eastern KY
  8. Dykes was right last night, he doesn't even belong at Kentucky. He started the game and RM went on a run. He sat down and we came back. He came in in the second half and RM went on a run. He sat down and we came back.
  9. 1. Do you need anything? 2. How can I give the program my money? 3. Is there anything I can take off your plate and accomplish so you don't have to?
  10. I was told they run a pretty balanced version of the west coast/ pro style offense not a spread.
  11. My first question is "will he bring the BG offensive system with him"?
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