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  1. Thanks for the updates. Wish I could have made it down. I hope Coach Boston can turn the Colonels around. Good luck to the Maroons and Eagles this season.
  2. Former Henderson County Colonel Brandon Fisher was named head coach. He has been an assistant at Marshall County for the past few years.
  3. Former Henderson County and Highlands Football coach Keith Morgan was hired as the new Athletic Director. Great hire by the administration.
  4. I don't think the man is dumb, actually the opposite. AAU has ruined basketball and baseball and really hasn't done much for soccer. I think this is his way of saying football needs to stay away from travel leagues and stick with what's working. If it ain't broke don't fix it. " please make 7 on 7 go away, please make 7 on 7 go away.
  5. I think coaches in hs sports matter but Coach Saban makes some great points.
  6. Press conference at 5:30 at the high school.
  7. Not complaining but wouldn't he leave a very talented team coming back?
  8. He may not come to Henderson but it's not a step down from Christian.
  9. If he is the best man for the job, why don't you? I haven't heard any names but I can think of other coaches that I wouldn't want to have the job.
  10. What makes you say that? It can be one of the better jobs in the state. I'm not saying on a level of Belfry or Highlands or Trinity but if the right Coach came in and the community got behind the program, then I think they could be a really good program.
  11. I hope the community can rally around the next head coach. I had a chance to catch 2 games this season and the crowds were not good at all especially for Henderson County. Maybe something like this will help reenergize the fan base.
  12. Sorry Guru. I should have explained more. The link in the first post is a link to their Twitter page. Gibson Southern finished 13-1 last season getting beat by eventual state champion Indianapolis Bishop Chatard in Semi State in a snow storm.
  13. GSHS Titan Football on Twitter: "September 1th Gibson Southern High School (IN) vs. Henderson County at Lucas Oil! Hope to see a lot of Titan fans up in Indy! https://t.co/f73LMkcpk9" I've coached twice up there. Great experience for the kids and coaches.
  14. Heard on the radio Henderson County has 42 applicants as of today. Deadline is March 1. Can't wait to hear names.
  15. A lot of High schools have multiple junior highs/middle schools that feed into the highs school. Thats not the problem. The problem is the youth league and getting kids interested at an early age. I know both Coach Duffy's use to go to the elementary schools and talk to the kids about playing. I coach at a school and we basically took over the youth league about 8 years ago and its the best thing we have ever done. We throw and coaching clinic for the coaches for the youth league and Junior Highs and give them play books to use as well this way the kids are some what familiar with what we do. We give them freedom to run a few of their own plays as well. We get the Junior high coaches involved on friday nights as well. If Henderson County ever did this and the other coaches stuck with the system Henderson would be very good , not that they can't be without doing it. Problem is getting a Head Coach who would want to take the time and do something like this.
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