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  1. Yes, it's confirmed!! Mike Rodgers is an assistant coach at Mayfield. Staff includes: Head coach- Joe Morris Assistants- Mike Rodgers, Cliff Dew, John Farris, Charles Parrott, Chris champion ,James Topp, Todd H Hatchell, Steven Hatchell, and Trey Carvell.
  2. The master of the wing T. Rodgers is a great coach with tons of knowledge. If this is true, he would be a great addition to an already awesome coaching staff. And he does have a son in the mayfield school system playing football( middle school I believe)
  3. I personally believe mayfield is about the 3-4 best team in 2a. But remember the road to the state championship must come through war memorial stadium as long as mayfield wins out. And we all know opponents dreams come to die at war memorial stadium.
  4. Some people can disagree with me if they want, but I'm telling y'all now. Graves county will be a team you don't want to sleep on this year. New offense, speedy defense, and new defensive coordinator. I just have a strong feeling this is the year!!
  5. We'll see what they can do against the mayfield cardinal defense when they play at Austin peay state university this year. Should be a great game!
  6. hope the purples have a wonderful season. Total respect for their program. From this graves county fan, I would love to see y'all once again in the playoffs.
  7. Graves county has implemented a new offense. They return 4 offense lineman and qb as well as a running back that transferred in. On the defensive side of the ball they will be under the direction of a new coordinator, nick kemp. They will utilize a basic 3-4 defense. Look for the eagles to make a nice run this year!
  8. I predict a 6-4 record for the mustangs in the regular season.
  9. Mayfield will be mayfield year in and year out. Definitely will be a tough out in the playoffs!
  10. Imo, this is mike rodgers job if he wants it..upon his resignation from PT, mccracken county Ad posted a tweet saying they supported him and it would be an honor to have him an mccracken..so, is the mike rodgers wing-t era coming to the mustangs?
  11. Just remember folks, the road to Bowling green in 2017 will have to come through mayfield & war memorial stadium...where opponents dreams come to die!!...
  12. U heard it first here...Mike Rodgers will be bringing the Wing-T to Mccracken county!!
  13. Graves county Basketball school...sense 1985 they have a 722-277 record (.723) 24 district championships, 8 Regional Titles, 2 Elite Eight Appearances, 1 Final Four Appearance, Twenty-four 20+ win seasons. 24 consecutive winning seasons. Although, our football team was class 5a state runner-up in 2014. Knocking off bowling Green at bowling Green along the way and ending their 53 game win streak against in state opponents! But most money, etc is spent on basketball endeavors!
  14. Cal should win this one straight outta the gate...my prediction is.. Cal 45 Danville 10
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