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  1. What KHSAA has basically done is they have taken every competitive part of June away from football. When football lost competitive 7 on 7 in June a few years ago, teams could still have their own practices and 7 on 7s within their team. They could install their passing game and have competitive drills. Now since you can't have helmets, no football coach in their right mind will do any of those competitive type of things. So now they are stuck with doing everything "on air"; meaning they'll do it without a full-speed defense.
  2. Need to get rid of Fall Break! That would help the calendar.
  3. Did you seriously just say all this? You are half right about one thing "No one really benefits when an athlete takes a class" because the athletes surely didn't benefit. Colleges have accrediations and this abuse puts that in jeopardy. Time to stop lowering our standards to kids who can put a ball through a hoop.
  4. This could go many different directions. Central's early tough schedule could help them in this. Bell County is very physical. Turnovers and big plays may be the difference in this one. If Bell limits the big play, they will go to the bee hive and get the win. Bell 21-14
  5. Wayne Co. 35 Corbin 14 Be interesting to see how Corbin came out of the physical game with Henry County.
  6. Big K 61


    The flight to Vegas is not as cheap as it used to be! What did you find? Not to be nosey....
  7. Congrats to Coach Engstrand. Green County got a good one.!
  8. "Coach, I'll take the ankle bracelet off if you stay within the coaches' box."
  9. Who Do You Think Will Be The Next UK Football OC?? Drop some names.
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