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  1. Spot on w/ both games counting, except records: Boone 2-0 (Beat Ryle/Conner) Cooper 1-1 (Beat Conner, lost to Ryle) Ryle 1-2 (Beat Cooper, lost to Boone/Conner) Conner 1-2 (Beat Ryle, lost to Boone/Cooper)
  2. Cooper also has Colin Hathorn who starts JV and plays Varsity. The kid from St. Henry, not sure of his name, is a very nice player too he plays JV/Vars and might play all 3??
  3. I would not say Cooper slowed the game down at all. They played man defense the entire game and even got up and pressed a little bit in the 4th quarter. Holmes tried to hold the ball for 2 minutes in the 3rd quarter and for about 3 minutes in the 4th when they still had the lead but Cooper's pressure wouldn't allow them to "stall the ball" For only having 39 points Holmes actually shot the ball well from the outside especially #5...as a team they hit 6 3's I believe. What Cooper was able to take away was anything in the paint and they contained penetration. Cooper was able to get stops when they needed to and really gutted out a bigtime win for their program. They came back from down 11 early in the 3rd quarter with solid defense and limiting turnovers. Saying they slowed it down does the win an injustice and is not accurate. Don't let the score fool you. Congrats to Coach Sullivan and the Jaguars.
  4. I was there and let me first off say that Model played a very scrappy hard fought game. Model outplayed Cooper tonight. With 1:10 Cooper was up 54-50 when the intentional fouling along with technicals began. I will tell you that Model deserved 100% of the technical fouls as any official being talked to by a player the way they were last night is going to result in a "T". Model's Coach allowed his kids to get technicals as I believe one player for Model recieved 2 for language. At the end of the game when fouling, you must make an attempt to go for the ball and the players for Model were simply pushing Cooper players in the back or grabbing the Cooper players with two hands. Not one of them was questionable in my opinion. If you are looking for someone to blame I would start at the top with Model's Coaching staff for allowing their player's to speak to officials, frustrated or not. Just an opinion from a basketball fan.
  5. Sorry, getting on here late. Where's the web broadcast found?
  6. Jeff will do a great job at South, he has paid his dues and is ready to be a head coach. Best of luck to Coach Davis!
  7. http://s1086.photobucket.com/albums/j452/eyeinthesky2/?albumview=slideshow Photos before and after shot
  8. Looks like video was taken down already...good for the official i guess
  9. Film doesn't lie. Everyone in the gym saw it. If anyone denies that the officials gave the game to Boone, it's only b/c they are a Boone fan. Those officials should be ashamed of themselves for taking the game from the kids at Cooper. They played with more passion and had a better gameplan only to have the game decided on a bogus whistle amongst other biased calls.
  10. So the missed call with 10 sec left when Downs ran into his own teammate (McQueary) while throwing up a prayer, and they called a 5th foul on Langley instead, didn't take the game from Cooper?? Even Richard Skinner alluded to it in this article http://communitypress.cincinnati.com/article/AB/20110223/SPT0302/102240367/1005/RSS03/Downs-finds-redemption-?odyssey=nav%7Chead Cooper outplayed them and they got bailed out...Even people who have no affiliation w/ Cooper are upset w/ this particular play b/c it took the game away from a hungrier team that played harder. And on top of that, the calls in the 2nd half of ball were one sided. It was obvious, as others have stated, the officials didn't expect Cooper to beat Boone and called the game as such (esp 2nd half).
  11. Nice find Clyde but they have changed it again. That was 2006. The new one counts both games. Tiebreakers as follow: 1. head to head 2. Record vs highest seeded team left and so on. 3. Coin Flip So....Boone 4-1, Ryle 4-2, Conner 2-4, Cooper 1-4 If Cooper beats Boone, Boone and Ryle are both 4-2. They split head-to-head 1-1, both beat Conner twice, and in this scenario both would have split w/ Cooper. Thus resulting in a coin flip.
  12. Going into tonight's game Conner's JV had lost 1 game to Ryle and that's it. Not sure what the outcome was tonight.
  13. Ryle - Up and down a bit but no slouch. Not sure if Vollet is presently in the mix, but he's key if Ryle stands a chance. They have a way of taking teams out of their game. They have the right elements to play spoiler. Vollet played almost the entire game last night vs Cooper
  14. So proud of this young woman. She represents everything a true student-athlete embodies. Congrats Lauren! Here's to a bright future!
  15. She pulled it off briefly before the half but came back out with it. Seemed to me Moss was in up until the middle of the 4th but I could be wrong. Boone has a great team with plenty of shooters. They should make some noise in the state this year.
  16. Boone had a tough full court press that Scott couldn't handle. Fookes finally called it off in the 2nd quarter after they were up 40-7 but never let up. IMO she could've taken her starters out a little sooner. I think a 35+ lead is safe enough to secure a win. A little classless is you ask me. Wondering if she runs the score up on every team she plays? This was the first time I've seen them play this season but seems like this happens a lot? Opinions?
  17. Is this the 6'9 kid? Or does he play at Shelby Co?
  18. What about from other parts of the state? Hatton, Jackson Davis from Lafayette, and Quentin Snyder from Ballard are up there....what else does the state have to offer?
  19. From your area, who would you consider to be the best freshmen? Feel free to rank a top 10 or as many freshmen that you are familiar with.
  20. Not sure if you were at the game tonight or not but I can tell you that Cooper did not play one single possession of zone. In fact, Cooper did not play one possession of zone all week in any of their games. Whether in half court or out of bounds underneath Cooper was guarding man.
  21. Maybe Cooper just played great defense and shut their scorers down, maybe they are 35 points better than Newport. From what I hear, Newport wasn't missing any players. Maybe Cooper is improving. They have competed in every game this season and have only lost by one or a few points. IMO they might pull off a couple upsets this season. Qryche11 do you think this was an upset or did you expect Newport to win?
  22. Just to correct this person who along with the rest of the people who :laugh:dislike Holmes! Jeremiah and Ricardo grew up going to school and playing ball in Covington, both were young men in a tough situation where they were forced to move in with an uncle in Cincinnati for 2 years as 8th and 9th graders. Situation was handled by the family and the boys moved back home. Covington is where they grew up and Covington is where they will always call home! Housely lived in Covington with Mom the entire time he was enrolled at Newport so get your facts straight!
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