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8th Region Tournament

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Should be a very good tournament, In the first game (Collins vs South Oldham) Collins has gone 2-3 against the field. South Oldham is 5-2 against the field.


Collins wins (Gallatin Co. and Anderson Co.) loses (South Oldham, Anderson Co., and Oldham Co.)

South Oldham wins (Collins, Oldham Co., Simon Kenton, Anderson Co., and Owen Co.) loses (Gallatin Co. and Oldham Co.)


In the second game (Simon Kenton vs Gallatin Co.) Simon Kenton is 3-2 against the field. Gallatin Co. is 4-6 against the field.


Simon Kenton wins (Grant Co. 3 times) loses (Gallatin Co. and South Oldham)

Gallatin Co. wins (Simon Kenton, Anderson Co., South Oldham, and Grant Co.) loses (Owen Co. 4 times, Collins, and Oldham Co.)


In the third game (Owen Co. vs Anderson Co.) Owen Co. is 5-3 against the field. Anderson Co. is 1-4 against the field.


Owen Co. wins (Gallatin Co. 4 times and Anderson Co.) loses (Grant Co., South Oldham, and Oldham Co.)

Anderson Co. wins (Collins) loses ( Owen Co., South Oldham, Gallatin Co., and Collins)


In the forth game (Oldham Co. vs Grant Co.) Oldham Co. is 5-1 against the field. Grant Co. is 1-5 against the field.


Oldham Co. wins (Grant Co., Collins, Gallatin Co., Owen Co., and South Oldham) loses (South Oldham)

Grant Co. wins (Owen Co.) loses (Simon Kenton 3 times, Oldham Co. and Gallatin Co.)

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