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Final BGP members poll....


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O.K., forget the BCS, AP and all others. List your final poll.


1. Florida

2. Utah (I moved Utah back to 2 on mine, I personaly don't think they could beat USC or Texas but they are unbeaten and have done everything they have needed to do. I put Fla. at #1 bc like the BCS or not, they won THE national championship game)

3. USC

4. Texas

5. Alabama

6. Oklahoma

7. Penn State

8. Ohio State

9. TCU

10 Boise State/Georgia

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1. Florida

2. Texas

3. USC

4. Utah

5. Oklahoma


I'm going with my team as #2. Texas and Florida both defeated the Sooners by 10 points on a neutral field. If there is a difference OU had both running backs when the Horns beat them and they were missing a key RB vs. the Gators.


I think Utah would have problems with OU as well but they have 2 losses and Utah was undefeated and that has to balance somewhere. :thumb:

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1. Florida

2. Utah

3. USC

4. Oklahoma

5. Texas

6. Alabama

7. TCU

8. Penn State

9. Ohio State

10. Boise State

11. Georgia

12. Oregon

13. Virginia Tech

14. Mississippi

15. Texas Tech

16. Oklahoma State

17. Cinicinnati

18. Michigan State

19. Iowa

20. West Virginia

21. Oregon State

22. Missouri

23. Florida State

24. California

25. LSU

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College football really ticks me off...


#1 ??

#2 ??

#3 ??

#4 ??

#5 Oklahoma

#6 Alabama

#7 Penn St.

#8 TCU

#9 Georgia

#10 Ol Miss


I think the top 4 should still be playing. But since their not, at least, Utah deserves a share of the National Championship.

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