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52nd District Tournament Seeding

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Bell Co., Cumberland, and Mboro had a 3 way tie for the top seed in the district tournament. And from a contract signed in I think 2006 by all the coaches of the district stated that the tiebreaker would be:


*fewest number of runs given up between the teams who are tied in the games in which these teams played



My question is how Cumberland got the 2 seed when they allowed a total of 6 runs


Mboro allowed 11 runs


Bell allowed 12 runs



(This is with only the first meeting between the teams counting toward seeding)



How did Cumberland get the 2 seed???

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On April 10th Mboro beat Bell 10-7 that brings it to a 3 way tie


From what I was told, that game would not count as a district meeting or toward seeding since it was added at the last minute. The game that was played at Mboro on April 22nd was considered the first district game between these two teams and therefore gave Bell the win.

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