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GoFan Attendance Numbers

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Is there anywhere out there that produces these reports? You would think it would be fairly easy now that the biggest majority of schools operate with digital ticketing. 

I'd like to be able to see the game by game and year by year trends now that we have that capability. 

I've yet to see anyone publish any type of number of any game. 

I realize it wouldn't be 100% accurate as to exact numbers of people in the stadium, but would get you a good number nonetheless. 

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My aunt graduated from Tilghman in '78 and said that as many as 11,000 would attend the Mayfield game at McRight. I know when I was going to PT it was always standing room only, but never got an actual count. The stadium is listed as seating 8,500. The fire chief must've been a Tilghman fan. LOL

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