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Pulaski/Somerset Predictions

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Somerset has a record of 3 and 8 which makes them look bad. They have had several 1-3 point games which they need to begin winning. The Lincoln game they were up by 15 points but unforced turnovers along with some forced turnovers which is always their downfall allowed Lincoln to win by 3. Once Somerset reduces their turnovers they will improve dramatically. They need to spend half their practice on passing drills. Defense is decent, offense is fair, shooting is decent, rebounding could use some improvement, but mainly it is the passing that needs help. Pulaski and Somerset is always hard fought and I expect it to be close. Somerset needs to win a close game and I believe this one may be the beginning of a win streak for them (if) they reduce unnecessary turnovers.


Anyway I predict Somerset by 3.

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