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7th Region Week 3 Review

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The 7th Region is about to heat up as the Jefferson County Board of Education voted this past week to allow the public schools to start playing February 1st. The only surprise this past week was St. Xavier defeating Trinity, but Trinity came back with a strong effort against Covington Catholic who is one of top teams in the state. Trinity should continue to improve. St. X has played surprisingly well without Bellarmine Commit Ayden Mudd who is recovering from a sprained ankle. Four public schools hold the top 4 places based on their strength on paper, but will soon get to defend their ranked positions. Buckle up as February looks to be a wild ride.


1. Ballard (0-0)

2. Male (0-0)

3. Eastern (0-0)

4. Seneca (0-0)

5. St. Xavier (7-1)

St. X defeated Trinity 62-54 behind a strong effort by Mekhi Smith who had 16 pts and 10 rebounds. Ben Varga also contributed 16 pts with 4 three point goals.

St. X defeated Holmes 72-67 in OT and were led by Ben Varga's 23 pts including 5 three point goals.

St. X defeated Bardstown 69-46 and were led by Ben Varga's 24 pts.

St. X plays at DeSales on 1/26 at 7:30.

6. Trinity (4-3)

Trinity lost to St. Xavier 62-54. Trinity was led by Ethan Hodge with 14 pts and 6 rebounds.

Trinity lost to Covington Catholic 51-50. Trinity was led by Ethan Hodge and Zach Stahlman who both had 11pts and 4 rebounds.

Trinity hosts Danville on 1/27 at 7:00.

7. Christian Academy-Louisville (4-5)

CAL defeated Kentucky Country Day 78-46 and was led by George Washington who droppped 29 pts including 4 three point goals.

CAL defeated Bardstown 73-71 behind George Washington's 32 pts. 

CAL lost to Beechwood 71-51and was led by Stephen Wearsch who had 17 pts and 10 rebounds.

CAL hosts Lexington Catholic on 1/25 at 7:30.

8. Manual (0-0)

9. Waggener (0-0)

10. Central (0-0)

11. Atherton (0-0)

12. Collegiate (0-3)

No games were scheduled this past week.

Collegiate hosts Walden on 1/26 at 6:00.

13. Portland Christian (2-3)

Portland Christian lost to Beth Haven 91-51 and were led by Spencer Steen with 14 pts.

Portland Christian lost to Trinity Christian 94-70 and were led by Alex Steen with 24 pts.

Portland Christian travels to Calvary Christian on 1/25 at 7:30.

14. Kentucky Country Day (2-3)

KCD lost to Christian Academy-Louisville 78-46 and were led by Will Crockett with 26 pts and 7 rebounds.

KCD defeated Highlands Latin 64-39 and were led by Nicholas Roemer who had 21 pts and 7 rebounds.

KCD travels to Walden on 1/28 at 6:30.

15. Shawnee (0-0)

16. Walden (2-1)

Walden defeated St. Francis 52-31 and were led by Van Clements with 15 pts.

Walden hosts Kentucky Country Day on 1/28 at 6:30.

17. Brown (0-0)

18. St. Francis (0-1)

St. Francis lost to Walden 52-31. No stat report available.

St. Francis travels to Beth Haven on 1/28 at 7:00.

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Varga has played really well, and with his shooting it allows for Smith and Carroll to get into the lane. 

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The size of Ballard and Male down low will give St.X problems. I’ll be interested in how they do against DeSales big man Kalle on Tuesday.

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Yeah, Holmes' length was a problem for St. X on Friday. A good indictation of how things might play out in terms of size once St. X plays the teams mentioned. 

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