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Andy Dalton Released

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So, who do the Bengals have as a backup to the rookie? Is this adequate?


I remember when Cleveland picked DeShone Kizer in the 2nd Rd of the 2017 draft. They had just traded for Brock Osweiller with the Texans, gaining his 72 million dollar contract. But Kizer was given the starting job for making a couple of nice throws during the preseason. Then, Cleveland cut Osweiller in September! That left them Cody Kessler, selected in the 3rd round out of USC in 2016, and Kevin Hogan, who was drafted by the Chiefs in the 5th round of the 2016 draft. These QBs were 25, 24, and 22 years old. I don't think Osweiller was going to turn into a great QB, but he was a veteran whom the Texans had enough confidence in to offer a $72 million contract. Don't you think you could keep him around to see if he could teach the rookie something and if you needed him to play in the event the rookie got hurt or just stunk (as was the case with Kizer)?!


One of the all-time terrible moves. This is another example of Hue Jackson being a terrible HC. They cut him! They didn't get anything for him except have to pay his salary.


I digress, my point is, is there someone on the roster who can teach the rookie what it means to be a pro and provide backup in the event a backup is needed?

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Guys, I thought he was good for us. He gave us 9 strong years. I hope he does well. Andy Dalton was not our biggest problem the last four seasons.


He also wasn’t our answer either if we’re being honest. He couldn’t do enough to get us over the top.

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ESPN's Josina Anderson reported that a Bengals source told her that the Bengals tried to trade Dalton and that he was the one who requested the opportunity to see what was out there. I guess either no one was interested or no one offered anything that the Bengals wanted.

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