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Louisville City FC New Logo....Or Not...Again.

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Louisville City FC unveiled a new logo to re-brand the soccer team on Monday, December 16th to update the team colors and modernize their look. Following a large amount of immediate blowback regarding the re-brand, 3 days later the team halted all production on merchandise using the updated logo in order to reevaluate the new logo and have begun an "open dialogue with supporter group leadership about how to improve our club's branding and crest."


Notable changes in the crest include dropping the team's purple and gold color scheme that was originally intended to mirror the team's affiliation with Major League Soccer's Orlando City FC. Orlando City ended their affiliation with Lousiville City in 2016. The new crest included a purple, black and gray color scheme. Additionally, the new crest included a change from the existing "Louisville City" verbiage on the crest used by the team since 2014, and moved to "Lou City Football Club", which many fans agreed seemed too much of a mouthful.


Full statement from Louisville City FC president Brad Estes:


“You are the lifeblood of our organization, and we greatly appreciate each of you. We have worked hard over the years to develop and maintain strong bonds together without regard for group affiliation.


“To be blunt, our recent brand rollout has failed you. We had the best intentions, but we lost sight of our responsibility to engage you in the process. We make no excuses; we simply commit to making it right.


“‪We have stopped production on merchandise with the new crest and have opened dialogue with supporter group leadership about how to improve our club’s branding and crest. This will be an inclusive process, and we will update you as more information is available.”



Logo released December 16, 2019:


Dec 2019 Logo1.jpg

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If all of this sounds vaguely familiar, that's because the team went through an entirely similar process back in 2014 when they initially released their new team's logo. The logo was released on June 4, 2014 and was met with immediate and harsh criticism. The team's owner, the late Wayne Estopinal, then announced on June 10th that they would have a 1-week long design contest for a new crest, followed by a selection of finalists that would be voted on by the public. The winning logo was announced on June 22, 2014. That logo is currently still the team's active logo following the ownership's recant on the new logo this past December.


Originally proposed team logo, June 4, 2014:


June 2014 Logo Original.jpg




Revised team logo, June 22, 2014:


June 2014 Logo Revised.jpg

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Why can they not get this figured out?


That's an excellent question. I don't know what this illustrates more...the club's disconnect from it's supporters, or the fans being unreasonable.


I guess my take is, I'm not sure that I've ever been all too fond of the purple and gold. I know they were originally trying to match the colors of Orlando City, but I wasn't too fond of their colors to begin with. I would prefer a darker purple if you're going with purple, and I would have used gold much more sparingly than they did in the original logo. I think the purple/black/grey scheme is a little drab, sure, but I thought the new logo was an improvement on the original.

@Getslow @TheDeuce ...any thoughts from you two?

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