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Bluegrasspreps.com Staying Alive Contest Week 3


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Staying Alive Contest Week 3


This tread will be open until 5 PM August 30th.


We are doing our Staying Alive Contest again this season. As before the concept is pretty simple--but we have made a couple of changes. The object is still to pick the winners of the 6 games every week. But it's not quite as simple as just picking winners, there is a lot of strategy involved. Here's how it works:


•Each week you will pick six teams that you believe will win that week. These teams can be from ANY Classification.

•Teams chosen must be playing a team from their class or HIGHER. EXCEPTION: You may choose 6A teams that are playing other 6A teams OR 5A teams.

•You may only pick an individual team to win one time. For example, if you pick Trinity to win in Week #1 you cannot pick Trinity again the rest of the season.

•In past seasons once you missed one game or picked a game that did not meet the contestcriteria you were eliminated. This season, however, will be DOUBLE ELIMINATION. It will take 2 missed games to eliminate you. For example if you pick five out of six games in Week #1you would be eligible to continue on to Week #2. If you miss a second game in Week #2 or any week after that then you are out. Also, if you miss 2 games in one week you are out.

•If you cannot submit an entry with 6 teams that are playing a team in their class or higher each game that you cannot submit counts as a miss.

•If you do not submit an entry for any week you are out.

•Everyone that has one miss or less will be able to advance to the next week.

•If you are eliminated or do not compete in any week you will not be eligible to continue.

•The contest will run until there is just one winner.


For reference:


There are two teams not playing in the playoffs this year.


Sayre and Fulton City


The overall winner will receive a quality prize:


Contest Prizes for the 2019-2020 School Year


Your entry should be in the following format:









Do not post anything that is not an entry. If you do so, the post(s) will be deleted. If you are not eligible to participate (eliminated in a prior week), DO NOT POST IN THIS THREAD.


The deadline for all entries is 5 pm (EST) Friday. Unless you pick a Thursday game, then it is 5 pm (EST) Thursday.


Good luck to all!



0 Loss/Missed:


West Danville





Jack Of All Trades


1 Loss/Missed Week:


Biggest fan

Colonel Mike


Hard Work



Randy Parker




We had 3 eliminations this week. If you do not see your name, you have been eliminated.

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All State - you need to correct my score. I have no misses. Last week I picked CovCath, Franklin County, North Bullitt, Oldham County, Ashland, and Grayson County. The scores:


CovCath 49 - 0 over Campbell County

Franklin County 55-6 over Western Hills

North Bullitt 42-0 over Great Crossigs

Ashland 53-7 over Boyd Count

Oldham County 58-14 over North Oldham


Grayson County 49-0 over Nelson County.


Please correct - thanks!



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