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AL MVP A Surprise

Pat Dad

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The most deserving player got the nod, in my opinion. While I don't support the Yankees as an organization, I certainly don't harbor any grudges against their individual players; I just think Morneau's numbers justified the award.

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What a joke...


Runs: Jeter

Hits: Jeter

Doubles: Jeter

Triples: Jeter

HR's: Morneau

RBI's: Morneau

Total Bases: Morneau

Walks: Jeter

Strike Outs: Morneau

Stolen Bases: Jeter

OBP: Jeter

Slugging: Morneau

Batting Average: Jeter


You lead in HR's and you pretty much cover RBI's, total bases and slugging. It's not the Silver Slugger award...


I forgot to mention that he won the Gold Glove award at the most scrutinized position in all of sports...

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