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14th Region Week 10 Review: 1-5 Stays The Same But Some Changes 6-16.

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It's the start of February, which means that post season play/district tournaments are about two weeks away. This means we only have about a month or so left of high school basketball for the 2018/19 season. We had lots of excitement this week throughout the state and 14th region but the top 10 remained the same.



1) Knott County Central (18-7): 1/30 79-61 W at June Buchanan, 2/1 51-47 W at #3 Perry County Central, 2/2 102-80 W at #8 Wolfe County.

This week: 2/4 (Mon) vs. #14 June Buchanan, 2/7 (Thurs) vs. George Rogers Clark, 2/9 (Sat) vs. Western Hills.

Previous Rank: #1



The Patriots rolled off three straight wins this week to keep the #1 ranking for another week. And they made it look easy. The Patriots got things started off with a blowout 79-61 win at June Buchanan, which basically locked the #1 seed up for them in the 53rd district tournament. Knott County Central would make the trip over to John C. Combs Arena for the second time this season, taking on the Perry County Central Commodores. Back and forth game before the Patriots pulled away late as they went on to win 51-47. Knott County Central would finish off the week at #8 Wolfe County and they would end the week just like they started it, a blowout win. Defeating Wolfe County in the Wolves Den 102-80.



2) Breathitt County (16-7): 1/29 64-57 (OT) L at #4 Hazard, 1/31 78-72 W vs. #7 Cordia, 2/2 96-61 W vs. Jackson County.

This week: 2/6 (Wed) at Sheldon Clark, 2/9 (Sat) vs. George Rogers Clark.

Previous Rank: #2.



Breathitt County started off the week in a meltdown. They had Hazard on the ropes, up by double digits late, in fact, they were up 11 with 2 minutes to go and had a major meltdown and let Hazard come back to tie it and send it to overtime before eventually losing to Hazard 64-57. The Bobcats would bounce back in two big ways. They picked up wins over Cordia 78-72 and throttled Jackson County 96-61 in the Scott Blank classic at Buckhorn.



3) Perry County Central (11-11): 1/31 65-50 W vs. Red Bird, 2/1 51-47 L vs. #1 Knott County Central.

This week: 2/5 (Tues) vs. #4 Hazard, 2/7 (Thurs) vs. Harlan County, 2/9 (Sat) vs. #12 Owsley County.

Previous Rank: #3.



Perry County Central had another shot at taking down #1 Knott County Central but they had a dance with Red Bird before that. Perry County Central didn't have a problem with Red Bird as they went on to win 65-50. The Commodores could now turn their attention to the Knott County Central Patriots. Commodores gave it everything they had but couldn't get over the hump and dethrone the Patriots. Knott County Central would go on to win 51-47.



4) Hazard (19-5): 1/29 64-57 (OT) W vs. Breathitt County, 1/31 67-44 L at Barbourville.

This week: 2/5 at #3 Perry County Central, 2/8 vs. #11 Leslie County, 2/9 at #5 Buckhorn.

Previous Rank: #4



Hazard escaped two losses this past week. Hazard found themselves on a double digit side of things on January 31st to Breathitt County. Hazard trailed most of the game and was down 11 with 2 minutes to go. Sophomore guard, Wade Pelphrey would hit a 3 at the buzzer to send the game into overtime and from their on out it was all Bulldogs as they would go on to win 64-57. Turnovers and Breathitt County getting trigger happy is the cause of the meltdown. Hazard would make their way down to Barbourville on Thursday to take on the Barbourville Tigers, looking to pick up their second win of the week. That wasn't the case as Barbourville made it look easy on their way to a 67-44 route of the Hazard Bulldogs.



5) Buckhorn (16-9): 1/28 68-52 L at #10 Estill County, 2/1 63-58 L vs. #11 Leslie County, 2/2 62-56 W vs. Prestonsburg.

This week: 2/4 (Mon) vs. Piarist School, 2/6 (Wed) at Betsy Layne, 2/9 (Sat) vs. #4 Hazard.

Previous Rank: #5.



The Wildcats didn't have such a good week last week. They got throttled by #10 Estill County 68-52 in Irvine. The Engineers led by 20+ at one point. Buckhorn would drop their next game as well, on their own home court, in their own two day classic to Leslie County 63-58. Buckhorn would salvage the week with a 62-56 win over Prestonsburg. Buckhorn was playing pretty good in January and most of the season but seem to be struggling right now. They've lost 3 of their last 5.



6) Letcher County Central (14-8): 1/28 56-52 W vs. Magoffin County, 1/31 49-39 W at Pike County Central, 2/2 61-31 W vs. #10 Estill County.

This week: 2/4 (Mon) at East Ridge, 2/5 (Tues) vs. #7 Cordia, 2/7 (Thurs) at Paintsville, 2/8 at #8 Powell County.

Previous Rank: #6.



The Cougars have had a tremendous week. Defeating two of they're opponents by double figures. Letcher County Central and Magoffin County would go to work up on the hill in Whitesburg before the Cougars would pull out a thrilling 56-52 win over the Hornets. Letcher County Central would travel to Pikeville to take on the Hawks of Pike County Central. Letcher County Central would prevail in a low scoring affair, 49-39. Estill County would make the 2 1/2 hour trip up to Whitesburg on Saturday to take on the Cougars. Letcher County Central wouldn't have a problem as they would throttle, crush, you name it, Estill County 61-31. Letcher County Central was up 36-7 at halftime.



7) Cordia (5-18): 1/28 86-70 W vs. #14 June Buchanan, 1/29 99-92 W at #9 Wolfe County, 1/31 78-72 at #2 Breathitt County, 2/2 90-54 L at Wayne County.

This week: 2/5 (Tues) at #6 Letcher County Central, 2/9 (Sat) vs. Whitley County.

Previous Rank: #7.



The Lions continue to struggle. They wouldn't have much of an issue with #14 June Buchanan to begin the week as they rolled to an 86-70 win over the Crusaders. Cordia would edge Wolfe County in an high scoring affair, 99-92 over in Camtpon. Those would be the only wins of the week the Lions would get as they would drop their next two. Cordia would give Breathitt County all they wanted but in the end, Breathitt County would come out on top, 78-72. Cordia made their way to Wayne County on Saturday and it was a complete disaster. A nightmare if you will. Wayne County would throttle Cordia 90-54.



8) Powell County (8-12): 1/28 74-38 W vs. #13 Jackson City, 1/31 99-85 W vs. #9 Wolfe County.

This week: 2/4 (Mon) at #9 Wolfe County, 2/5 (Tue) at Model, 2/8 vs. #6 Letcher County Central, 2/9 vs. Eminence.

Previous Rank: #9



The Pirates have had a good week as they continue to roll through their opponents. Powell County would pick up two wins last week, both in high scoring affairs. Both by double figures. Powell County wouldn't have a problem out of Jackson City as they would route the Tigers 74-38. The Pirates would travel up the Mountain Parkway to Campton to take on the Wolfe County Wolves in the Wolves Den. Powell County would prevail in a very high scoring game, 99-85.


9) Wolfe County (7-15): 1/29 99-92 L vs. #7 Cordia, 1/31 99-85 L at #8 Powell County, 2/2 102-80 L vs. #1 Knott County Central.

This week: 2/4 (Mon) vs. #8 Powell County, 2/5 (Tues) vs. #12 Owsley County, 2/8 (Fri) at Sayre, 2/9 (Sat) vs. #10 Estill County.

Previous Rank: #8.


Wolfe County continues to struggle. Wolfe County has now dropped 5 of their last 6 games. On back to back games, two of Wolfe County's opponents, Powell County and Cordia, both have put up 99 points. Knott County Central put up 102 points on the Wolves on Saturday. Wolfe County suffered a 99-92 to #7 Cordia. That would be the same story for their two remaining games of the week, losing 99-85 to #8 Powell County and 102-80 to #1 Knott County Central. Wolfe County is trending in the wrong direction at the wrong time of the season.


10) Estill County (7-16): 1/28 68-52 W vs. #5 Buckhorn, 1/31 67-52 L at Western Hills, 2/2 61-31 L at #6 Letcher County Central.

This week: 2/5 (Tues) at Pulaski County, 2/7 (Thurs) at Berea, 2/9 (Sat) at #9 Wolfe County.

Previous Rank: #10.


Estill County started off the week hot with a blowout 68-52 win. The game wasn't as close as the score shows as Estill County had a 20+ point lead on the #5 Buckhorn Wildcats, several times during the game. Estill County would go on to win the game 68-52. However, they're fun would end there as they would get derailed in there very next two games, losing 67-52 to Western Hills and getting blowed out 61-31 at #6 Letcher County Central.


11) Leslie County (6-14): 1/28 59-33 W at #12 Owsley County, 1/29 67-56 L at Prestonsburg, 2/1 63-58 W at #5 Buckhorn, 2/2 57-49 W vs. #12 Owsley County.

This week: 2/4 (Mon) vs. Harlan Independent, 2/6 (Wed) vs. Oneida Baptist Institute, 2/8 (Fri) at #4 Hazard.

Previous Rank: #12.


The Eagles have been playing good basketball as of late, winning 3 of they're last 4 games. Two of those wins came against #12 Owsley County. 59-33 at Owsley County and 57-49 at Buckhorn in the Scott Blank Classic. Speaking of Buckhorn and the Scott Blank Classic, the Eagles picked up a big road win over the Wildcats, 63-58. Leslie County's lone loss of the week came at Prestonsburg, 67-56.


12) Owsley County (10-13): 1/28 59-33 L vs. #11 Leslie County, 2/1 78-56 W vs. Danville Christian, 2/2 57-49 L vs. #11 Leslie County.

This week: 2/5 (Tues) at #9 Wolfe County, 2/8 at Pineville, 2/9 at #3 Perry County Central.

Previous Rank: #11


Owsley County has been struggling as of late, losing 4 of they're last 5 games. Two of those losses came to Leslie County, 59-33 and 57-49. The Owls had been playing good up until the first part of January and that's when it went down hill. Going 3-7 since January 8th with most of those losses coming here within the last couple of weeks.


13) Jackson City (6-15): 1/28 74-38 L at #8 Powell County, 2/1 74-52 W vs. Piarist School, 2/2 67-55 L at Walden.

This week: 2/7 (Thurs) at Menifee County, 2/9 (Sat) vs. Phelps.

Previous Rank: #13.


The Tigers were able to pick up a win last week, defeating Piarist School 74-52 but that would be it as they would drop two. 74-38 at #8 Powell County and 67-55 at Walden. The Tigers are now 1-7 in their last 8 games.


14) June Buchanan (5-15): 1/28 86-70 L at #7 Cordia, 1/30 79-61 L vs. #1 Knott County Central. 2/2 vs. Lee County (No Score Reported).

This week: 2/4 at #1 Knott County Central, 2/5 (Tues) at Jenkins.

Previous Rank: #14.


The Crusaders are struggling and have struggled all season. They added two more losses last week. Dropping 86-70 to #7 Cordia and 79-61 to #1 Knott County Central. The Crusaders have fallen off, way off from where Coach Elisha Justice had them a few seasons ago.

15) Lee County (6-19): 2/2 at #14 June Buchanan (No Score Reported).

This week: 2/5 (Tues) at Danville Christian, 2/8 (Fri) at Red Bird.

Previous Rank: #15.


The Bobcats had the week off until Saturday where they were scheduled to travel to June Buchanan but as of late Saturday night, a score had not been reported.


16) Riverside Christian (0-0): No games for the Rams this season.

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