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Pulaski Academy (AR) 56 McCracken County 14


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No they did not punt, and when you punt, they never send anyone back to receive it. They go for all 4th downs, no matter where they are, McCracken got two possessions inside their 20 because of it and could not score. They onside kick every time, unless it gets to a point where the game is ugly, 35-0 in this game during the second quarter is when they stopped that. Running clock with 3 mins to go in first half. They are the real deal. I have tons of respect for Trajon Bright and thought he might be the best back I see this year, wrong, their back was a little quicker and a little stronger runner, and could throw a half back pass. This was a simple old fashioned taken to the woodshed kind of beat down. I would pay good money to see Trinity, BG, or Male play this team. It would be an awesome sight.

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