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Is this last time we see Peyton Manning in the NFL?

Will Payton Play in the NFL next season?  

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  1. 1. Will Payton Play in the NFL next season?

    • No: Retires
    • Yes: Plays next year with Broncons
    • No: Plays next year with a different team

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He is a pitcher who has lost his fastball. There is a reason why the Broncos went to the running game mid year. The coaches knew Peyton's arm was substandard in the NFL. I think he is done. Pretty sad...one of the all time greats.

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He's done. Almost felt sorry for him today, his arm is shot. Anything over 5 yards was a duck.


12-14 in the postseason, 1 super bowl ring and he's supposed to be the GOAT? Sorry, not buying it. I'll go with the guy who's 19-8 in the postseason with 3 Super Bowl rings.


Who said he was in this thread?


But I know you have to hijack any discussion on Manning to interject your boy.


Its kinda sad seeing this thread and knowing a post from you would be in it saying what you said.

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I feel that he's done with playing, and he won't miss the money either. He's pretty healthy, and at this point why take the chance of any more injuries?


He's made his mark, and is without a doubt a legendary hall of famer.


He already has a bundle, and he more than any other player in the NFL has such a marketability about him that he'll be able to become a brand all his own, and continue to fatten his pockets without blinking and eye.


He'll be taking examples from Arnold Palmer who outside of the game of golf, has shown that he was able to build an empire all behind his name.


We haven't heard the last of Peyton Manning, but it's just now going to be in various other forms, and not on the field.


His celebrity and his earnings are merely just beginning, and he has football to thank for the good head start.


Also, don't be surprised if we one day, just like Arnie, we see a Peyton Manning Children's Hospital.

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