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Rockcastle County/Pulaski County Updates

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Rockcastle County now leads 24-20. The defense has picked up for the Rockets. Coty Childress is playing well while the Maroons have the chaser on Colby Brown. Like the commentators said, if there can be someone else to step up here in a the quarter and score, then they'll have to come out of the box and chaser.........


Pulaski County scores 2 quick backets to tie it at 24-24. There is a little over 2 minutes remaining in the first half.

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Pulaski County leads 29-27 at the half. They took the lead on a Floyd 3-pointer. PC was called for a foul within the final 20 seconds but Rockcastle County threw the inbounds pass away giving the ball back to the Maroons setting the stage for the 3 just before the buzzer.

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This dang internet connection is getting on my last nerve. I wanted to post the halftime scoring totals but it cut out when they started giving Pulaski County's totals. The only thing that I got for the Maroons is:


Meeks 5 & Floyd 3


It came back on right after they started. I had to do some deduction to get Mullins' totals. Here is what the Rockets did in the first half.


Mullins 10

Brown 7

Childress 5

Miracle 2

McClure 2

Riddle 1

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John Perkins ties it up at 59-59 on a lay-up off of a steal with 26 seconds remaining...timeout Rockcastle County with 15 seconds to go. The key factor for the remainder of the game is the Rockcastle County is in the bonus while the Maroons are not. Rockcastle still has fouls to give if they need to do so.


There have been 19 lead changes in the change.

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