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4A, 5A, 6A, 6A

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The Sweet 16 may be the the greatest show on Earth but only if you are a large school...


4A, 5A, 6A, 6A...



Wayne County is 2A, Bardstown is 2A. Knott County Central is 3A.


Shelby Valley is less than 5 years removed from defeating 6A Ballard for the title.


Much ado about nothing.

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Wayne Co is 3A in Football and yes Shelby Valley is 1A...I don't think it is as big a deal in basketball as in other sports.


Valley was 2A. Still is, and almost positive they will be in the new alignment.


Wayne County truth be told is a 4A school now. Still one more year in 3A technically, but getting the bump up with Monticello going in with them obviously.


What you see, with the exception of Bardstown coming out of the 5th, is that if 3A schools or smaller make the Sweet 16, it's likely bc they don't have any real 'big' school competition at all in their region...as in, 5A or 6A are non existent.


The 15th region for example. Johnson Central is THE biggest school in the entire region.


The 12th doesn't even have a 6A school in theirs, nor does the 13the.


I think the 16th is just like the 15th....nothing bigger than 4A.

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Wonder how many 1A and 2A schools have made the final 4 in the last 10-15 years...how many won it all?


I can't think of any other than Shelby Valley.


Other than that, E-town won it all in 2000 and they were considered 2A in the old classification, and have since been 3A since the 6 class system.


Before that...Paintsville in 97? Them and Harrodsburg, both 1A schools that played in the Championship.


But, as somebody else said....very few and far between these days and I don't see it changing.


It's all about the tourney pairings, more times than not, the only time you are going to see some of these smaller schools make it to the Final Four and beyond is if all of the bigger schools are paired up on another side of the bracket.

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The Sweet 16 may be the the greatest show on Earth but only if you are a large school...


4A, 5A, 6A, 6A...


Some pretty good Football programs, too. All goes hand in hand.


Even the Elite 8





Scott County

Johnson Central


McCracken County

Bowling Green


.....a lot of teams also in the mix of things come late November and early December (maybe with the exception of Hoptown, but they are on their way back; still a strong football tradition no doubt).

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People think there isn't enough competition/challenge in football. Too much in basketball. Is there a happy middle ground?


Personally, I say this is why the All A Classic is a bigger deal than some people give it credit for. It truly is the small school state championship.


Overrated. Next thing you know there will be an All AAA classic for the medium schools.

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