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Trigg County 77 Hopkinsville 57


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Trigg should have beaten Hoptown this bad. This isn't the Hoptown teams of passed. Hoptown played with them for a half before the wheels fell off. Trigg has a lot of Juniors and Seniors while the Tigers rely on 4 Sophomores, and 1 8th grader for extensive minutes and playing time. They do have 4 Juniors that give them good minutes and effort. Their 3 seniors are not experienced Ladson and Downs missed last year and Chuck Thomas hasn't played since his freshmen year.


I'll give Terry Hayes the credit for keeping the team playing hard. They haven't quit on the season or in games this year but they just don't have the great tallent as has been there in previous years. That will change with the up and coming classes for the Tigers. But for this year they lack that true go to guy.

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