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  1. Smart play on his part. Gave them a chance and it played out for them.
  2. It is great to see Niece back being healthy this year. He is a special player and showing it again.
  3. Does this mean that the number 2 team in 9th region really is the mix of like six teams?
  4. Can’t anyone just lose on any given night without excuses? Boone had a nice win, I’m sure Coach Sullivan will have Jags ready to go. Keep playing boys
  5. Didn’t see this spread coming. Looked like HC had a difficult time getting shots to fall. HC was off for almost an entire week. But, I will say that Cov Cath really moves the ball so well. Their high low game is legit with that size. Still think there will be a rematch in districts. Hopefully a better showing then for HC. Learn from it and execute game plan next time Indians, let’s go
  6. Wow! No love for HC. I know these are typically all love for Cov Cath, but I think it’s going to be closer than the 18 or 21. It’s going to be a good game tonight.
  7. If memory is correct, Beechwood lost to St. Henry first and then beat them. Holy Cross lost to St Henry by 4, which was actually a missed layup to tie away from OT. Don’t think it was a let down game for Beechwood, but they all actually match up well each night.
  8. I am on the outside with Beechwood. I don’t feel they are a top 20 team. Lyon County just got beat by a Walton-Verona team today that has had it handed to them when playing teams in the 9th Region. Beechwood is good, just wouldn’t be bumping out any other than Lyon for them. As it was stated earlier, maybe Holy Cross exposed Beechwood, but really to have any other team from the 9th after Cov Cath would be like six teams that all have beaten up on each other.
  9. Sounds like a great game! Not sure I would really rank any team second behind Cov Cath. The entire next four to five teams have beat up on each other. Heck really the next six teams. I love watching the parity of these teams. Any given night any team can win and it really not be an upset.
  10. If that's the case, she probably out for a bit then?
  11. Holy Cross was the better team last night and probably would’ve won by a larger margin, but Meyer didn’t play like half the third and sat the entire fourth. As was mentioned earlier, South had no answer for him or for McClendon getting to the hoop. It pays to have a couple of really quick, strong guards. Very hard to guard and trouble for most teams.
  12. trying to watch this game and every 15 seconds a foul is called.
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