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  1. GRC won by 32 points last time, figure about the same this time. They are just way too good
  2. Turnovers killed them. Really good game. Both will be fun to watch this weekend.
  3. Well, good year by the Cougars though. They are a tough team. Big win by Cooper
  4. As in what? He handles ball better then Carson did and shoots outside better than he did at the junior grade level. I see it as Teagan still has another year to get stronger for the next level.
  5. Just imagine how much they would’ve won by if they hit like they did on Wednesday. I really think I can count on one hand the times you’ve complimented the girls from Holy Cross. They just keep playing and finding ways to win. Let’s Go Indians!! Two more to go!
  6. What’s the competition like there? One loss is impressive though.
  7. Great game by the Indians! Jumped out quick and never looked back! Onto Friday.
  8. Yes it was. The HC girls turned up the intensity and made a game out of it. Horrible no calls cost the game
  9. This whole thread while reading it, all I could think was some old man yelling “Get off my grass!” Lol. At least the 10th has options. In the 8th it’s always at Henry County. No easy way to get there and when they make it to region, they get that extra money too. As for the distance, the 8th goes from Simon Kenton to Spencer County. Long enough drive that games are scheduled on weekends. True fans will travel to watch, even in NKY.
  10. Should be a decent game. If HC plays like tonight, not close. They played very well tonight.
  11. Balanced scoring meaning exactly what was said, get more involved and keep them involved. In my opinion, the team last year could’ve done some special things with the level of scorers they had. To beat the better teams takes more than just one or two to carry the load.
  12. Really don’t think that NCC and Conner are better than Holy Cross. I guess after this week in the All A will at least fix one of them.
  13. Holy Cross has a senior transfer from Grant County, Hanna Robinson. Can really shoot the ball and the team looked really good this summer when all together. With the dominant play of Hunt inside and the way they move the ball, should be a fun season for the girls. They should compete with everyone.
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