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  1. I was going to take the high road and congratulate the bees on a dominate game. But… 90 sec to go, up 14, with the ball, and they throw the ball to the endzone? Wow. I had respect for them till that. Now I’m glad CCH lowers their avg score per game. Might have been different if the score was 14-14 half but it wasn’t going to happen tonight for the colonels Will be interesting to see how this plays out in the future if they play each other again. I’m now rooting for whomever plays Woodford county. Busch League.
  2. I saw the Cooper / Highlands game and even though the score was a surprise, IMO the result was more from an uninspired performance from Cooper than a breakthrough for Highlands. I thought Bottom (looks like a good future qb) missed a ton of throws and the offense had a lot of 3 and outs. a couple of big turnovers that gave favorable field positions fueled that score. I don’t see CCH giving up that much on D even with the new and improved Bluebird offense. I’m not buying what Highlands is selling. CCH still not dominating on offense but I’m picking CCH 17-0. Definitely the most
  3. Coach E has the Colonels Believing. Colonels have home field. Defense wins Championships and right now CCH is clicking on D. That being said after the most balanced attack of the year against Conner, I still don’t see a lot of Scoring. CCH 10 Ryle 7.
  4. To lose a brother is a big deal. To lose 2 brothers in 2 months is unreal. Please pray for the Eviston family. They are good people and even though they knew this day was coming it won’t make it any easier. I hope Highlands will do something at the game to honor a great man and his family who fought the good fight. They did their part to raise a lot of money for others in the same boat. Result of this one really doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. Go hug your siblings!
  5. I have not seen many 4 OT games. The Colonels needed this one. Cooper was a class act and it was fun to watch this. Friday Night lights!
  6. I think we will see a new CCH team tonight. As long as the defense wraps up a very good running back from Cooper, I see a W tonight for the Colonels. Positive energy flowing in Park Hills. Go Colonels!
  7. Not saying BW didn’t play great. They did and congrats. Would love to see your thoughts had MR KY Mike Mayer returned for a fifth year. Ouch. Go win the 2A championship. Keep it In NKY! Just sayin there will be an asterisk for all the boys that played against you.
  8. I saw it live and I saw the tape. There were several drives kept alive by BW because of some obvious holds by the BW OLine that were not called right in front of the White Hat. Really don’t understand what they are looking for to call holding at this point but it is what it is. If you watch the game unbiased you will see many holds not called where Hergot gained big yards. that being said CCH was not potent on offense and even without the 5th year senior playing they still lose. Berger was great and deserves a lot of credit. BW line was big and made good plays but they were helped wi
  9. Im going with the Colonels in this one but I am voting with my heart and not my head... Elder has a full offensive squad and a full defensive squad. I think conditioning might work against us in this one as CCH will be playing several key players both ways. Gonna be close in the first half but it will be very tough to be competitive the full game in the Pit. Running back for Elder is super quick and fast and makes people miss. QB has a good arm and seems to make good decisions when he has time to throw.
  10. https://www.facebook.com/missy.hoppiusfisher/videos/10222869479797112/ not shooting? Hmmm...
  11. 10 fouls NDA 3 on Dixie second half Questionable travel call late in game against Bradshaw that bradshaw made easy layup and would have given NDA lead loose ball tie up gets a foul called against NDA Worst change of a call that could have changed the game. Worst call I’ve ever seen actually. No chance she wasn’t shooting at buzzer. 3 free throws down 2 Took it away. Refs shouldn’t be that much of a factor in a championship game. 8th region refs gave NDA tough night against Ryle too. NDA girls and fans have a reason to be upset. IMO this game was a gift to Dix
  12. I know it doesn’t matter at this point but how many yards does the BG offense actually have?
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