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  1. This is why they were so good this year. Parks job is to seal Mayer on this play. The D-End #86 hits him to allow Mayer to have access to RB. Discipline football. In regards to the Mayer Tackle where he's picks him up and throws him down...
  2. Trinity Lost to Indy Cathedral Cathedral Lost to Cincy St. X and Elder Elder and St. X both Lost to Cincy LaSalle Cov Cath Whooped La Salle 28-0 1. Cov Cath 2. Trinity 3. F Douglas 4. Male 5. JC 6. Boyd Congrats to all the State Champions and the Runners UP. Huge deal just to make it that far.
  3. Win or Lose this Cov Cath Senior class has been nothing but incredible to watch over their career. Freshman Year 9-0 Sophomore Year 15-0 Junior Year 14-1 Senior Year 15-0? Even if they lose, that is one incredible record and will be tough to beat. Could this be the most successful class in Cov Cath Football History? Cov Cath 21-7
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