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  1. Yeah, courtesy and respect are a two way street. If someone doesn't like that I'm not wearing a mask, then they can be polite and ask if I'd keep my distance from them in a nice demeanor. Rather then immediately taking shaming tactics and calling non mask wearers selfish, let us be courteous about it. It's that simple.
  2. I find the mask talk comical by some. Some on here are so dead set on it and worried. If your worried about this then you shouldn't be out in it. Some on here preach about this mask, yet some of you very same people are eating take out from restaurants, delivery pizza, drive through. People let me clue you in on something, those people who are preparing your food aren't wearing masks. I know you've had to of seen it. I've been out there, I've seen it everywhere. So, it's not okay for me to not wear a mask. Yet, some of you will get your food from non mask wearing food services. Your food has exhaled breath all over it. Just wanted to make some of you all aware of that fact.
  3. Both ways, with or without masks there is and will be viral spread. Earlier I posted a link (not in this thread) that there is a disproportionate amount of healthcare workers who were wearing masks that still contracted the virus.
  4. What about being courteous to me not wanting to wear a mask? This goes both ways. I'm more of a believer in the effectiveness of social distancing. Those who are dead set on wearing masks this is a real situation that I have witnessed at every store I've been in. At a grocery store, there was an individual in the same isle as myself. This individual had a mask on but around their neck so mouth and nose were not covered. As I was about to walk past them they put their mask on. So now all things this individual touched from this point on could be deemed contaminated. So, yeah. No mask for me. I'll continue to wash my hands a lot and to keep my distance from people.
  5. Yeah, this was like a typical Wednesday night when I was in school. Lol
  6. Were they not all of these things before all of this. It's my position that high risk people shouldn't be out and putting themselves at risk. Us healthy folks should be the ones who are placing ourselves at risk. And for your scenario, I'd ask if they could find someone else to serve me. If not, then again, I'll politely leave without making a scene.
  7. I agree, I will not wear a mask anywhere that I go. Not a believer in their effectiveness. But I'll also plead for everyone being respectful. I've had one place of business ask for me to put a mask on. I told the employee no thanks, and they told me it was store policy. I politely told the employee that I wouldn't shop there until there policy changes. I made no scene, and left immediately. I have yet to witness anyone being a jerk about the mask whether it be a mask supporter or no masker. There is a respectful way to go about this, just be polite and patient.
  8. What wood do you guys use for smoking your briskets? I've only used Mesquite.
  9. I'll be in a deep state of depression if the Szechuan House in Blue Ash gets shut down. They have the absolute best egg rolls.
  10. I just buy the Kroger briskets. With the right seasoning and smoke I can get them to turn out pretty good. Maybe one of these days I'll try a more expensive cut. The primary seasoning I use is a 5 Salt and 5 Pepper seasoning made by Private Select.
  11. Just got a 13lb-er. Going to trim it and season it on Saturday morning. It'll hit the smoker at 6 am Sunday.
  12. No, I was young and full energy....and liquid courage (El Presidente beer).
  13. In a sense yes. Maybe not so much yet that it isn't going to spread. But there is one of two things going on in KY. 1. We're not testing enough and that is not giving us a true representation for what is happening in the state. or 2. We've achieved some kind of a herd immunity. Probably not a completely effective herd immunity but it's enough to keep our numbers lower. Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia, Missouri are all reporting significantly higher numbers then KY. All are reporting significantly higher infection rates. Sure, some may be due to population size. Lastly, I won't speak in absolute certainties on this. It's still too new and there is so much inconsistent information out there to form absolute certainties. What I do know is it has been here long enough to know that it's not as deadly as what some are saying. It's not worth bringing our economy to its knees. I have eight people in my work group. I'd put money on 3 out of the 8 already having the virus back in January. I coached eight young boys in basketball. I'd put money on 4 of them already having the virus back in February. I can't explain why or how I haven't gotten it unless I'm one of the asymptomatic people.
  14. Played for the NKY Hornets back when Junior Pro basketball was in its heyday. We finished 3rd nationally. Also swam with a hammerhead along the coast of the Dominican Republic. Probably got about 60 feet from it in crystal clear water in Punta Cana.
  15. Sebastians across from Western Hills High School in Cincinnati has a great gyro. It's pretty much the only thing they make. Get some baklava and Greek wedding cake as well.
  16. Antibody testing reveals COVID-19 has been in Ohio since January, health officials say Health officials said as COVID-19 testing increases in Ohio, they expect to learn more about the virus and how long it has been in the state. Ohio Department of Health Director Dr. Amy Acton announced Monday that they have found five different cases in five different counties that the date of onset of symptoms was in January. This confirms that it was more widespread way earlier then we were led to believe. This could potentially explain why our area hasn't been greatly affected.
  17. So just to be clear. Are you saying Tennessee is keeping Covid death reports from the CDC? How can you say that in the same breath in which you praise Kentucky's death reporting, yet KY isn't testing at near the same rate as TN.
  18. Didn't know they made wings. This has to of been a recent development. How were they? I can vouch for those hotdogs, they are delicious.
  19. Their bread is maybe a little tough but not at all like Jimmy Johns as far as toughness. The other plus is that you actually get a decent portion of meat.
  20. I honestly want to say no that they wouldn't be arrested right away and that justice is blind and applied equally, but I can't honestly say that and believe it as well.
  21. To be fair, there was a 10 month old that got abused by her father on February 28th up here in Covington. They just made an arrest yesterday, I believe. Not trying to justify the delay of an arrest, just trying to add to the discussion. Seems as the wheels of justice are moving a little slow these days.
  22. As far as restaurants go, no one makes a better sandwich than Jersey Mike's. Next time your there get a #13 with everything on it. It's an Italian sandwich . The toppings include lettuce, tomatoes, onion, salt & pepper, oregano, oil & vinegar, banana peppers, jalapenos, mayo, and a red cherry pepper relish. The pepper relish is ot of this world and that sandwich never, ever disappoints!
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