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  1. That’s the first time I’ve seen Caverna play - it appears that many of their skilled kids are very young. Also, it looked like they had a slim roster. It was definitely a great day for football.
  2. Went down and watched that game. Glad to see the Pirates get the win!
  3. The Canady kid #4 will have a good game, but it will not be enough. The Panthers will fall 35-13!
  4. Bell Co. will score early and often. Bell wins 42-0
  5. I think the Jackets will pick up the win late in the game. Jackets 32-26
  6. I'm really glad that Knox Central is in the top ten, but I really believe that both Russle Co. and Rockcastle have better teams and will be victorious over the Panthers in distict play.
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