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  1. None of those scenerios occurred, no double foul, or inadvertant whistle, or the other stuff. And it says right up there in the rule if it occurred in the last timed down of a period which it wasnt because they jumped offsides on an untimed down. So that rule don't apply. I asked a college official that also ref's high school here in Ky(Jefferson County) and he said that there is no rule for that particular scenerio. He said that the offsides was the offenses play and that it should have been halftime. So I believe we made the right call for that play.
  2. I believe they should practice, a lot is at stake this time of the season. The coaches job is to keep the players focused and ready to compete, sometimes a change of practice throws a team off a little. I would be mad as a parent, but as a coach, I would have to agree.
  3. The defense cant decline an offsides penalty. If anyone can find this in writing(the rule), please post it or tell where I can find it myself.
  4. I've talked to around 10 officials and I never get the same answer. I am an official, and we didn't give them another play. I feel bad, but I wish I knew the real answer so it don't happen again.
  5. As time expires before halftime, the offense throws a deep pass and the defense commits pass interference. The flag is thrown, the penalty is marked off, and the offense is given 1 untimed down because the clock had ran out, and the half cant end on a defensive penalty. The offense lines up to run a play and then jumps offsides(fasle start). Should the offense be moved back 5 yards and given another untimed down, or is halftime? This happened in a game, and the rules book or the case book does not cover this particular scenerio.
  6. Larue wins by 20. Nelson is awful this year, probably wont win a game.
  7. Larue is really down this year, this has to be Green's year. I'll take Green in a blowout.
  8. Bardstown wins big in this one! Nelson's defense is like paper. I've watched both teams play, and this game won't even be close, Bardstown wins big! Bardstown has too much speed, and Nelson can't stop anybody. Bardstown wins 49 to 21.
  9. Nelson is 0-2, Marion is 1-1! Marion looks like the better team, who wins and why?
  10. If the Nelson's defense doesn't improve dramatically, then Woodford will run all over them. Nelson has a new turf field, so the players will be fired up, but Woodford's speed will kill Nelson on that new carpert. Look for another lopsided game with Nelson losing bad!!
  11. Nelson is playing the old Male defense. They will bring the house on almost every play. Nelson is relying on their corners to lock up recievers Man to Man, and they have a lot of speed on the corners, but I believe Timmons will beat them all night long.
  12. Mike Marksbury is the Spencer Head Coach. Previous assistant at Nelson County, Fort Knox, and Mercer County. He should do a great job!
  13. Nelson lost 26 seniors and is looking to rebuild, who wins this match up in Frankfort Friday night?
  14. Spencer has a new coach, and Bardstown has struggled the last couple of years, who wins and why?
  15. Should be a good game but JH has too much firepower, 35 to 14 JH wins.
  16. Very small offensive line will be their biggest problem. Nelson has a host of good recievers and a good junior to be running back, and a good junior to be QB. Nelson is going to run the no huddle offensive and throw the ball around, it should be fun to watch. One key advantage is that their softening their schedule up, and they will be in a 3 team district.
  17. Quality first round match up, who wins and why?
  18. Bardstown has some big play potential but Green is the far better team. Green should win easily.
  19. If Bardstown was healthy this would be a good game! But their not so Washington County wins easy.
  20. Big district matchup at Nelson tonight, who wins and why?
  21. Greenwood is a very disciplined team that makes very few mistakes. Nelson is coming off of a bye week, which obvioulsy gives them 2 weeks to prepare for Greenwood. If, and its a big IF, Nelson can find some way to pass the ball, they will beat Greenwood in a close game. If Nelson cant pass the ball, Greenwood will win! I'll take Nelson 20 to 13.
  22. Everybody underestimates Bethlehem! That team will fight until the final second ticks off the clock! I'll take the Eagles over the Commanders 29 to 26.
  23. Who wins this big district matchup at Greenwood?
  24. Nelson is ready to go tonight! JH is awesome with 2 backs averaging over 100 yard rushing per game. It will be a defensive struggle. Nelson fumbled 3 times insided their own 20 last week against Warren Central and only gave up a field goal. I predict Nelson 14 JH 7.
  25. Mercer wins 17 to 14. Mercer has played well, cupcakes or not, a win is a win.
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