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  1. I see these 4 teams winning 1st round Larue Bethlehem (pulls big upset) Bardstown Marion. 2nd round Bethlehem over Larue Bardstown over Marion Finals: Round 5 of Tigers and Eagles with Bardstown winning a close one 55-50
  2. Nelson Co has to stay in 6A next season due to they have to wait until the next realignment takes place. As far as TNHS from what I understand they will be JV only due to the fact schools just signed new 2 year contracts and it would be difficult for them to pick up games and they will have no seniors.
  3. How is Washington County not in top 10?
  4. Can anybody tell me what Ludlow runs on offense and what kind of defense they run?
  5. Bardstown is playing extremely well right now, I look for them to upend Etown in the finals by 10-15 points.
  6. 13 is a stud, and dont know where yet. Campbellsville, Lindsey Wilson are 2 that are after him
  7. Bethlehem fought hard tonight but didnt have what it took to over come the size.. Hats off to the 11 Eagle seniors who have been warriors since they were freshman..Good Luck to Holy Cross as they continue on,,
  8. If Bethlehem comes out ready to play like they did last friday and are very physical once again, I could see them pulling off another upset. However Holy Cross has a real good football team, so if the Eagles dont come out ready to play it will be a long night on Dixie Hwy for them...
  9. Hats off too the Eagles tonight, they showed up ready to play and put 4 quarters of solid football together. But also have to give props to the Rockets as they are a very good football team as well.
  10. Washington Co gets a big victory here without a challnege
  11. Wanting thoughts and comments on who wins this one? Bethlehem is coming in off 2 straight losses and a little beat up, where KCD is coming in averaging close to 45 points a game. I think Bethlehem gets off losing streak and takes this one Friday night
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