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  1. Dropped passes hurt against Lafayette as well. They'll be fine. New coach, new system for kids to learn.
  2. Running game, passing or both arsenals for Anderson? Mercer able to move the ball at all?
  3. Thanks for the update... It's a standard 45 minute wait after lightening flash, right?
  4. Mercer made a great hire here! Coach Rains is going to be exactly what this program needs. Why don't we all start being more positive. It is a new day and a new era. Let's give Rains our full support and not start the pessimistic and negative statements already... " Rains also hasn't lost a game yet ". Come on, Mercer got an excellent coach here, lets now support him!! And... Merger is over my friend... please move forward! You can't see the future if you're always looking at the past. The positive can start with you. :thumb:
  5. Definitely need the spring football with new coach. Ya know, there are many of us posters who have stated who we want and believe to be the answer for the football program. I now question will any of these well-established coaches believe in us and our potential. There is much work to be done, but they don't grow 'em any different in Boyle Co than they do in Mercer Co. Unfortunately we're a few years behind building the foundation for a solid program and any outside coach looking in may not see what we see. No doubt, we have a lot of catching up to do, but ya know what, when we do - if we get a good, well-established coach willing to come here - then the times will change. I'm not ignorant to the current situation, but I do believe in 'us' and with the right coach, the future could be very promising!! I look forward to that day!
  6. Ditto & ditto on Todd Davis!! One of the few 'good things' the Mercer program has going for them right now!!
  7. If Mercer has talked to two well-established coaches, then looks like they are not wanting to wait until spring. Though I know this would shock most of us since the impression was that they were going to wait and were in no big hurry, but if 'talks' are going on now, then maybe the right buttons have been pushed. If the Mercer Admin were to pull off a big hire I know we'd all fall over... but then again, it is Christmas. Dear Santa... would you PLEASE, for the sake of our beloved Titans bring us Coach *********. You fill in the blank! :thumb:
  8. So where are you all coming from? Inquiring minds want to know! :thumb:
  9. I checked the schools website and it is posted on there, just checked the KHSAA site and it is posted there too. And the madness begins, huh?!
  10. I haven't heard this and have a few friends 'inside' the school/Mercer football program and feel confident they would have already contacted me if this was true. Did the text give the name of the new coach? You don't have to post on here so we don't stir something that may be rumor only, but if you want you can PM me.
  11. You don't!! I was being a bit sarcastic... like "where would he return to around here?"! :thumb:
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