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  1. Excessive celebration are you serious . Who makes these rules anyway , It's a sad day in football when you can get ejected for getting excited during a football game .
  2. Let's just be realistic . My musketeers will be lucky if they win a single game this year . So far the new coach has not been able to put a complete package on the field . I think he writes a position on the board and draws a name out of a hat . It is difficult to post on these threads when you just don't have any fire power left . I wish I could talk smack like the rest of you , but the truth is our football team is getting smacked around enough . I wish all the area teams the best of luck this year and I hope my musketeers will continue fighting through this difficult year . I think it's about time to face reality and start filling the schedule with teams that have the same losing program as us , so we can at least keep the scores close . This shouldn't be about the adult egos , but about the kids having great high school football memories .
  3. I was impressed with the freshman running back and quarterback,although all the kids done a great job .They just stood out to me,looked like they had some heart and determination and were very well mannered.
  4. I for one still think Copley is a good Head and Offensive coach. I just think he needs to find someone to coach his Defense,especially the secondary.There was a lot of mistakes made by GC (coaches and players) and LC capitalized on them, congratulations Bulldogs.
  5. It is hard to pick this one. GC has a good offensive coach but that is it. They don't have a very good coaching in defense, or special teams . This will be the deciding factor in this one. I am of course a GC fan, so I will be cheering for them on Friday night. Good luck GC !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. GC should win this one but if our patched up O-line doesn't gel and our two best cornerbacks aren't on the feild this could be a long night.Bottom line ,this game will be won by the best coaching and the smallest ego. (prepare, prepare, prepare, and platoon the feild with the best eleven) I'm just trying to keep it real and no I don't have kid that is a cornerback, I just want to win.
  7. If you were at the game you would have seen that GC's backs were smothered with ND's defense before they even got to line of scrimmage. they had to earn every yard, there wasn't to many holes to hit just ND's defense. It seemed like maybe one side of GC's O- line was a little better . I am not badmouthing our O-line I'm just saying that ND did their homework and it made things tough on us until they got tired. None of our backs had very much success in the first half and our passing attack wasn't very successful either. I am just trying to keep things in prospective here, there is room for improvement before we get into district play. Maybe its just a few little things but its needed none the less.
  8. Another GC win congratulations. I have to say though ND's defensive front dominated GC's offensive front and the offensive play calling could have been alot better too. A positive was our defensive play, we made some mistakes but we didn't have our best eleven on the feild either.
  9. Things were great with our fans until the beating LC put on us. It hasn't been the same since, I think the fans are still with us, their just not as outspoken as they once were. I hope that's the case anyway. The team hasn't been the same since the Rowan County game, that was a tough loss.
  10. Don't want to mention any names,they might play hurt,but it is several of the O&D line.Broken hand -Broken finger-Hurt back,that's a few of the more serious injuries and of course the one you metioned ram04.These players don't get as much publicity as others but are just as important.I hope they all heal up okay.
  11. Carter won't be the problem,if it was only him out we would win this one.Looks like we are going to have a lot more important players out for this one,and if that's the case it will be a tough game to win.I still think we can win but some JV players will have to step up big!!!
  12. Carter played but was stupid move on coach Copleys part though.He was injured and it looked like he was in a lot of pain.He couldn't run or block effectively tonight.This might have even made him worse for next week.IT really shows the immaturity of our coaching staff.
  13. Greenup is the underdog once again and we are use to that, but I can't believe nobody thinks that it will even be a game. LC must have a state championship team and I congratulate them on that, but Greenup County is not going to lay down just because everyone thinks LC is so great.LC is going to have to show up and prove it to us!!!!
  14. Wow, What's going on in musketeer land?Heard all of the transferees are transfering back.I guess Greenup County football excitement is spreading like wildfire.This is a real shocker and kind of funny too.
  15. Do we have a full roster this week or do we have injuries again this week.
  16. I have no doubt things will get better. I beleive a lot better and by Friday too. Good luck this week at practice and keep up the good work. Greenup is the underdog in this one just like all the rest. But I think we we can stop Rowan and even get in the endzone this week!!
  17. I guess you did your homewok coupon, thanks for all the good info. I guess I was off the mark on this one my math is not as good as yours, but I still don't think an offense is not too dangerous if you can't get in the endzone. The scoreboard didn't reflect all those yards. I think we will have a dangerous offense someday. It's just gonna take time,the boys are improving every week and I'm excited about Greenup's future. What did defense look like on film. It looked to me like our pass coverage needs work and we need some big defensive ends to take on those lead blockers around the ends. Moving those skinny linebackers up on the line didn't seem to work, let me know what your take on it is.
  18. Hey Coupon I don't think all those yards were against their starting defense,but we did do a decent job.I don't think we would have had over 100 yards if it were not for Carters hard running,because there was not to many holes to run through.I think on every one of his runs he got hit at the line of scrimmage.A solid offense with all eleven players putting forth 110% but not what I would call dangerous. Our defense is dangerous though, it sure scares me.But with all that said I think our Coaching Staff takes care of business this week and we come out on top this week against Rowan.
  19. WOW!! Sounds like Greenup is going to have their hands full.But winning is not unacheivable,it just won't be easy.
  20. Want to give credit where credit is due.I always new that the Carter kid had some speed and a few moves,but wow he is the real deal.He earned every yard that he ran last night,there wasn't a decent hole all night but yet 279yrds .He played great, good hard-hitting tackles,great hard-nosed blocks,and of course great running.I am probably the last person to give him any credit but he deserves it.
  21. Every game for Greenup has been tough and every game we play from here on out will be tough.I beleive that our kids play hard every down and give 110% but I just don't think we have enough kids with that special talent, that it takes to make the big plays.I do think we are good enough and play hard enough to win games,but wins will never come easy for us.Our offense is time management low scoring, with this, you need not a good defense, but a great defense and we are not there yet. I do beleive Greenup County football is on the rise.I am always going to say [Greenup wins this one in a hard fought battle] because I always will beleive we can win.
  22. I never really thought that Reed was the right man for the job anyway.He is a good kid and all, just not as skillful and hardnosed enough for football.So with that said, Greenup will only get better every time they fight adversity and overcome obstacles. Greenup wins this one but Coalgrove is not going to lay down . Greenup needs to be prepared and play hard like I know they can.
  23. Mike Copley [GCHS] definately the best in our area.
  24. Just to clarify all of our players are young and did not start last year and if you did'nt start last year you didn't get any reps whatsoever you were just another body to fill a uniform. The only players I can see even in question would have been some linemen and just like I said they lose their positions from week to week. For example the kids that started against Ashland did not start against Notre Dame and the kids that started against them did not start against Raceland. So have they started varsity this year probably yes but they are not permanant varsity starters, because they are not good enough yet .But with enough reps they will be someday. This is not taking any thing away from these kids either, because it is not their fault that they were not taught in the previous years.
  25. Coach Copley cancelled the freshman team because we only had 8 freshman and he didn't think playing sophmores against freshman was quite fair.But I guess it is just a moral issue and I can guarantee if we bring our sophmores to play your freshman you will change your mind on this one doc.And by the way we do all appreciate what you have done for our boys,whoever is giving you a hard time is either very petty or just kidding.
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