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  1. I would say CJ's game hurts Jakes game, more than Jakes game hurts CJ's game. CCH is primarily a guard scoring focused team. The don't use Jake as much as they probably should at times. But I also understand that CCH strengths are running the offense through CJ and Ruthsatz who have both played really well this year. Both shoot really good percentage from the field. I really don't think either one hurts the others game. I think I'm the grand scene of things the help each other. CJ can stretch the defense. Jake can draw a lot of attention inside.
  2. Congrats to Walton! A great group of girls! Also congrats to Kara Taulbee on MVP what a great accomplishment. Good luck to Walton players, and coaches moving forward in the all A. Hoping for a very deep run in the tournament by a very experienced team.
  3. Good job lady bearcats. Tonight should be a great game against Boone. I believe tonight will be the night Walton finally beats Boone. Walton seems to be playing really well right now.
  4. Congrats to the lady cougars! Solid win. It seems the lady cougars are working very hard.
  5. Gayheart vs Whitfield. This will be a great topic to talk about after they play against each other. Hopefully they have to guard each other. I have no doubt who's they better player, but we will save that discussion til after they play. Also I too find it crazy that Walton won the region last year, (only lost one player), and have no one listed in the top ten.
  6. You have some really good points. From what I have heard there was not as much interest in this position as they thought there would be. Coach Sullivan would have been a great hire, and hopefully he still stays on the coaching staff. Only time will tell, but if I were a betting Man I would say the next two seasons will be great ones for the Lady Bearcats. Good Luck to the new coach and Lady Bearcats.
  7. I argee there are some really good coaches in the 8th and coach Miller did an excellent job. Coach Miller left some very big shoes to fill and he will be missed.
  8. I know who they hired. In my opinion I believe this was a great hire. He has 18+ years of coaching experience at different levels, both AAU and School. I'm not sure how much more experience than that you need? He has no varsity coaching experience, but he knows the game very well and gets results. He is as good or better than any high school coach in the 8th region. Walton should pick up where they left off last year and be very successful.
  9. 8th region player of the year Rianna Gayheart (junior) has verbally committed to play at Northern Kentucky University. Congrats and good luck to you Ri!
  10. Congrats to WV team and coaching staff on a huge win. Walton battled hard and never gave up in both of the games against South Oldham and Anderson. Sandlin made some big plays and over all played a very good tournament. Walton had a lot of different kids step up at critical times. Great job WV! Good luck ay Bowling Green!
  11. Wainscott is a very good player. Very high basketball IQ, and mentally tough. To say that she breaks under pressure is not acurate at all. It is very difficult night in and night out to get things done with two and three defenders on her. Almost every high school coach would love to have her on their team. She had an amazing career at SK. Every coach I know has said if you play SK you have to stop Wainscott to beat them, others can contribute, but most everything runs through her and rightfully so. The inside game for SK this year was not their very strong. To bash on Wainscott at this point after her last game is not fair. She will graduate with stats that most kids could only dream of having during a high school career.
  12. Congrats to Boone! I was really surprised at the margin of victory. I would say Nell made some adjustments and had her team ready to play. Ryle will rebound and make a run in the region. Two really good teams!
  13. Congrats to the Lady Bearcats! Walton closed the deal down the stretch. Several different players made big plays at different times in the game. Also congrats to Kara Taulbee, and Courtney Sandlin on all tourney team, and Kelli Dixon on MVP award.
  14. Congrats to Boone moving forward. Congrats to Conner on a hard fought game against one of the 9th region powerhouses. To lead early and keep it close down the stretch says a lot about the heart of Conners players. Great job both teams.
  15. Congrats to the lady bearcats. Shelby Mullikin played really well. Williamstown battled hard but WV was just to much to handle. Congrats to Tori Wilhoit, Chelsea West and Haley Rothwell on very solid solid high school careers. Good luck to the lady bearcats moving forward to face SK.
  16. Dixon is a strong player that draws a lot of attention. I heard she will be good to go for Tuesday nights game.
  17. Good point. It would only be fair that the NCKC champs get more players.
  18. I totally agree that the lady Cougars will continue to improve under the leadership of coach Stamm. He is a good coach and very easy to like. I'm sure he has a great bunch of girls that are working very hard. Also Congrats to the Cougars on beating St. Henry.
  19. I have not bashed the kids at all! If you look at my past posts they say that it is going to take time to develop some players. I'm sure they are working hard and getting better. The first thread that started all this had people saying "maybe coach Warfield wasn't so bad". And my response was Rome was not built overnight and it will take time and patience. Conner needs to develop players! Thats where there program is at right now. Saying that they don't have the players right now to contend for a regional title is just stating the facts. I really hope they prove me wrong. Trust me, I would love nothing more than see them pull some major upsets during the post season.
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