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  1. We'll be there proudly wearing our Rebel Black and Gold. Proudly supporting the Lions.
  2. I also heard the same rumor as you PP92. I think lots of people have heard it but chose to keep it quiet and hope and pray it goes away (rumor). Larry French and his wife Connie are just great folks both on and off the field, it would be a huge blow to our program if they left. As for Will Begley who knows whats on his mind if he was half the man Coach French is he would be OK. If Coach French decides to retire, and any part of his decission was based on not rehireing Steven or the baseball fiasco. We as TAXPAYERS should demand that Begley be replaced. Sorry to vent this close to Thanksgiving, but if Begley and his clan causes Coach French to retire. He hasn't seen nothing yet.
  3. Danville will right the ship friday with a win over Corbin. Danville by 14.
  4. I don't know much about either team. So I consulted a close friend who has a grandson that plays for Green. He seems to think it will be a close game for the 1st quarter. Then Green will pull away. His advice to me was to take Green by 21.
  5. Why would the HHS internet crew complain? Their team was doing the holding not the team being held.
  6. And they get even funnier. May you could be a band contest judge.
  7. I agree Bell County is a tough place to play. I think the experience of Lex. Cath will prevail. Lex. Cath by 14.
  8. Count me in Rebel. Rooster Shooter+1. Rebel if you need anything let me know. Maybe we could get Eddie Montgomery to show up, you know all the celbs will want to make this event.
  9. Built Ford Tough Rebel Bowl. I like it.
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