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Prestonsburg/Pike Central Predictions


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3 hours to game time and not much interest in this thread. This is one of the more interesting match-ups in the last week of the regular season. Two teams with excellent passing attacks. P-burgs secondary has been criticized during the regular season but, if you check the stats, the Blackcat defense is ranked No. 9 in 2A. The rush defense is No. 10 in 2A. Coverage has been pretty good though there have been lapses in tackling. Neither team has played as pass-oriented an offense as they will face tonight. Prestonsburg did play and were defeated by Breathit Co., but, again, the culprit was missed tackles. Boggs can find some holes and a broken tackle could lead to scores.


If Prestonsburg shores up the tackling, those passes should be short gains and P-burg should come out on top. I make them a three touchdown favorite, at home. PB - 35, PCC - 14. If not, it could be a long night with a lot of points on the board. PCC - 49, PB 34.


Good luck to both teams. May they both be injury free heading into the playoffs.

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