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What Browser Do You Use?


What browser do you use?  

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  1. 1. What browser do you use?

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Internet Explorer dropped to below 70% usage for the first time in 8 years as Firefox moved over 20% for the first time, and that got me wondering about our community here. For me it's Firefox exclusively, ever since flash stopped working on my Internet Explorer and I realized I like Firefox better. So what say you?

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Right now the BGP community is pretty close to the rest of the world. As I type it's IE - 67.57%, Firefox - 24.32%, Safari - 8.11%. Compare that with current shares for the world which is IE - 68.15%, Firefox - 21.34%, Safari - 7.93%.


I've used every single one of these, and I'd have to say my least favorite is Safari. Just something about it that I hate (probably that it's made by Apple). I'd say my order would be Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari. Opera is the only other one I've ever thought about using, but never tried it yet.

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